Logic 404: Mixing Electronica

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Legendary House producer Olav Basoski shows you how to mix House, electro, and other electronic music!

How do the pros mix music? The 400-level "Pro-Mixing Series" is designed to show you how ...

Logic 404: Mixing Electronica is produced by legendary House music master Olav Basoski. Olav's sound is one of the most sought after sounds in the electronic scene, and his mixes are considered by many to be the best in the industry.

In this 2-hour tutorial-video, Olav shows you the secrets he uses to make his mixes shine -- every time! Olav will introduce you to important mix concepts including parallel compression, side chaining compressors to give the kick drum presence, setting levels and pan positions, as well as adding the proper reverb to put space into your mix.

Watching these videos is almost as good as sitting in the studio with Olav himself. Along the way, you'll learn some hard-won knowledge including correctly setting the level of your kick drum, when to take a break from mixing, and how to ensure your bass is not too strong for a vinyl cutting press.

If you're into electronica, this tutorial contains the information you always wanted to know ...

Table of Contents:

01. Introduction
02. The Track
03. Laying Out Sounds
04. Mixing To A Compressor
05. How Much Compression?
06. A Quick Balance
07. Common Rookie Mistake
08. Wrath Of Clipping
09. Adding Make-Up
10. Using Channel EQ
11. Channel EQ Pitfall
12. Using Channel Compression
13. Channel Compressor Pitfalls
14. Side Chain Compression
15. Side Chaining Effects
16. Panning Sounds
17. Using HyperDraw
18. The Direction Mixer
19. Using Chorus
20. Using Sends For FX
21. Setting Up Groups
22. Using Bus Compression
23. Limiting Beats
24. Pumping The Enveloper
25. Parallel Compression
26. Creating Space - Reverb
27. Using Multiple Reverbs
28. Building Multi FX
29. Taking A Break
30. Returning To The Mix
31. Final Master
32. Vinyl Master
33. The Arrangement
34. 3rd Party Plugz

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