Cloud Health: Radiation Monitor

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Cloud Health: Radiation Monitor

How much radiation is in the air you breath? Find out with Cloud Health!

We are all concerned about the radiation levels in the air and water
after the Fukashima Nuclear Plant melt down. The EPA updates data on
radiation levels at various monitoring stations throughout the United
States, but this data can be somewhat confusing and difficult to
interpret. Cloud Health was created to let you know what the radiation
levels are in your area, quickly and easily.

Simply start Cloud Health and it will detect your location and tell you
what the radiation levels are in your area based on EPA readings. You
can even share the data on Facebook!

Why Cloud Health?
According to the EPA, beta radiation can cause both acute and chronic
health effects. Acute exposures are uncommon. Contact with a strong beta
source from an abandoned industrial instrument is an example of how
acute exposure could occur. Chronic effects are much more common.

Chronic effects result from fairly low-level exposures over a long
period of time. Effects develop relatively slowly (5 to 30 years for
example). Cancer is the main chronic health effect caused by radiation.
When taken internally, beta emitters can cause tissue damage and
increase the risk of cancer. The risk of cancer increases with
increasing doses.

Some beta-emitters, such as carbon-14, distribute widely throughout the
body. Others accumulate in specific organs and cause chronic exposures,
such as:

Iodine-131m, which concentrates heavily in the thyroid gland and
increases the risk of thyroid cancer and other disorders. Strontium-90,
which accumulates in the bones and teeth.

For more info, visit or

***Cloud Health and Merge LLC are in no way affiliated with the EPA. The
data that Cloud Health uses can be found freely and openly through the
EPA website. We make no claim to the data. YOU MUST ENABLE LOCATION

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