Miniatlas Neuropathic pain

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Would you like to enhance communication with your patients so they can better understand the anatomy, physiology or pathology of their neuropathic condition? Would you like to always carry in your pocket a powerful tool with many comprehensive images related to neurotic pain? If so, the Miniatlas Neuropathic Pain is here to help you in your daily practice.

Neuropathic pain is a condition resulting from a primary lesion or a functional alteration anywhere in the CNS, from peripheral receptors to the higher brain centers. As a consequence of chronicity and persistence, this type of pain severely impacts on the quality of life of patients, since it interferes with daily activities. For healthy people it is hard to imagine a pain which doesn’t go away completely and that gets worse instead of better over time, leading even to serious disability. This pain might even last for years, and worsen with stress, anxiety or depression. Imagine this patient that comes into your consultation desperate because of neuropathic pain in the feet that feels constant and burning and that no painkillers he has tried can alleviate. When you have reached your diagnosis of neuropathic pain, the task of explaining this complex disorder to him in a simple way seems quite a challenge. How do you approach this broad topic? Well, we have the perfect tool to get you talking. The application Miniatlas Neuropathic Pain will enable you to make a visual presentation in no time that will empower your patient with an accurate knowledge of his condition. Show him his high quality images about neuropathic pain to help him understand the causes and manifestations. By seeing and learning about it, he will cope better with what is happening to him and trust you in your treatment plan. But not only the collection of impressive images about this condition will improve your communication with your patients: its convenient format and referenced rigorous texts will make the Miniatlas Neuropathic Pain application the useful everyday companion for your own quick and practical reference about this condition. Whether you are in pre-op, emergency or your office, the enormous database of images related to Neuropathic Pain is there at your fingertips when you need it. Use it with your patients and peers to provide clarity and save time.

The Miniatlas Neuropathic Pain offers you incredible features:

*A huge database of detailed and labeled images related to Neuropathic Pain
*Each illustration has an explanation text beneath it
*Zoom in with your fingers to any section of the picture
*Browse the 4 different categories
*Easy search – just type part of the keyword you’re looking for
*Email to yourself any image or section of an image you need
*Helps physicians to effectively and more easily communicate with their
*Available in English or Spanish localization
*Works in portrait or landscape mode
*Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.
*You can print any image to any iOS -enabled printer device

Great for sending notes to your office staff or fellow colleagues!

Just in case you still have doubts about the thoroughness of the Miniatlas Neuropathic Pain, here’s a list of the chapters that you’ll get when you download the App:
*Anatomy of the nervous system
*General aspects
*Neuropathic pain
*Neuropathic syndromes

Every chapter gives you access to a collection of detailed images on different angles of the topic.
You see? Everything is covered and in tremendous detail. Once you start using the Miniatlas Neuropathic Pain with your patients, you’ll never want to be without it again.
Go ahead and download the Miniatlas Neuropathic Pain now. Your patients and peers will all thank you for it.

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