Beautiful Clock Radio Alarm with Weather

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開発者I Hate my Clock Radio
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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“Your app is outstanding - by far the best radio alarm clock app available!”
- David Riviello

“By far the most usable clock radio available anywhere”
- Jay Adams

We guarantee this is the best Clock Radio App available!

For the alarm to work properly you must allow notification to be sent from the app.

For Radio to be used as an Alarm Beautiful Clock Radio must be open, closing the app will cause a backup alarm to sound.

See our website for demo videos and support link!

6 Programable Radio buttons, Simply touch and hold the radio button you want to program. Once a button is programed just touch it to play your radio station, touch again to stop, very simple!

5 Programable Alarms, each can trigger a different Radio Station, Library Music or Alarm sound. Touch the alarm box to set the alarm, swipe to the left to change to the next alarm.

Now with AutoDim the screen will automatically dim at night and brighten in the morning.
AutoDim uses the AutoSleep time to dim the screen and Alarm 1 Time to brighten the screen.

Large Volume controls are right on the front screen, swipe up or down on the left or right side of the screen to change the volume. Touch the left or right side of the screen to show the volume controls.

Background changes with the time of day and weather. With a PhotoSet selected as a background the sunset, sunrise and current weather conditions for your location. At night the moon is shown in the correct phase.

Trey Ratcliff has made his photos available to use as backgrounds in the app, Trey is known for stunning HDR images. He is the first HDR Photographer to have his work shown in the Smithsonian. These images look incredible with our new design. Trey's photos are now available as an In-App Purchase accessed through the main menu (top left icon).

We also now have the ability to add new PhotoSets as backgrounds. PhotoSets are groups of photos that change with the time of day and the weather. At night the moon is shown in the correct phase and when it is cloudy the image turns cloudy just like the included background does. PhotoSets are now an In-App Purchase accessed through the main menu (top left icon). Choose from Big Ben, Stonehenge, Paris, the Golden Gate Bridge, Las Vegas, Monument Valley, The Rhine Germany, Napa Valley and many others coming soon.

All photos work in Landscape and Portrait modes.

Select from regular 12 hour time or use 24 hour military time; program the time you want to get up and which days of the week you want the alarm to sound; offset the clock so it displays ten minutes fast to ensure you’re not late.

• 5 Alarms that can be set to individual radio stations or music.
• Stable and reliable clock radio
• Background changes to reflect the time of day and weather for your location
• Clock offset lets you run the clock fast so you are not late
• Auto sleep turns itself off after a period of time you set
• Select from 12 hour and 24 hour (military) mode
• 6 easily programmable buttons for internet streaming radio stations
• Thousands of Shoutcast, U.S. and World Radio stations and the TWIT Network!
• Allows you to enter a streaming radio URL to play any AAC, mp3 or icecast stream
• Displays current temp and your weekly weather forecast

Contact Support for any questions

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