Fitter+ Fitness Calculator & Weight Tracker - Track Weight, BMI, BMR, Body Fat & Waist

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リリース日2011-06-11 09:37:33
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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Any issues with the app please contact us at

- Added Get iCloud data button for existing users to capture their stored iCloud data

-Cloud Data backup support: Your data is stored in the cloud with your new cloud account profile. Access your data from any device that uses Fitter+

-Password lock: Set a password within the app to keep your data private.

-Weight on Icon Bubble: See how much weight you have lost or how much remains to reach your goal just looking at the app icon

-Daily reminder: Now you can set a daily reminder to help you remember to log your daily stats in the app.

-Better Graphs: A new ‘all-time’ button has been included to show you your entire history of data graphically.

-Body Fat % input: You can now track your own Body Fat by using our new tracker instead of using our calculator.

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**Achieved "What's Hot" status**

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-Weight Tracker: The weight tracker allows you to enter your weight daily. You may also select a weight goal that you would like to reach. While selecting your weight goal you can select the rate at which you would like to lose or gain weight to reach your weight goal. The weight tracker also has its own graph that will track your daily inputs and show you your progress as you try to reach your weight goal.

-BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator: The BMI calculator helps you understand what BMI is and why that is important to you. You will calculate your BMI and discover your BMI range whether it is underweight, normal, overweight or obese. You will also be able to keep track of your BMI results by using the BMI graph. BMI is only one way to calculate your overall fitness level so that is why Fitter+ has incorporated other calculators to measure your health levels as well.

-BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) Calculator: The BMR calculator helps you understand what BMR is and why that is important to you. You will discover your BMR and based on your activity level you will be able to determine your daily calorie needs to maintain your current weight. You can also keep track of your BMR and daily calorie needs by using the BMR graph to track your results overtime.

-Body Fat Percentage Calculator: The Body Fat % calculator helps you understand what your Body Fat % is and why that is important to you. You can now track your Body Fat% by either inputting your own known value or by using the provided calculator. Our Body Fat % calculator uses a formula derived by the US Navy. The Body Fat % chart and accompanying graph will help you see your personal progress overtime related to your Body Fat %.

-Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator: The Waist to Hip Ratio calculator helps you understand why your body shape is more important to your overall health than you might have thought before. You will also be able to track your ratio overtime with the Waist to Hip Ratio graph.

-Data Management: All results can be saved to a graph for progress tracking. You can also edit, delete, and export your data.

-Social Sharing: Share your improved health and fitness levels with your friends via Twitter and Facebook.

MigoApps, values user feedback greatly so please let us know what you think of Fitter+ Fitness calculator!!!

Here’s to a happy healthier you! **YOU CAN DO IT!!**

***IMPORTANT*** PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE NOTE BELOW BEFORE UPDATING!! New Users can disregard the note. If you do have any issues with this update please email us at

First we would like to apologize again for the trouble the last update caused many of you. We have worked tirelessly to fix all of the issues. We feel that we have succeeded in our efforts but know that many of you have been without the ability to record data for some time now and we hope over time we can regain your trust. We even enlisted several users who had issues with the last update to help us test. Our tests with them were successful so we are encouraged by the progress we have made and feel confident this update will fix the issues many of you experienced.

What was fixed/addressed in this update...

1. Loss of iCloud data: We added a "Get iCloud" button in the settings screen of the app. This is for the users that lost data when updating their app. As along as you did not delete your iCloud data this button will pull all of that data into the new update. This mainly applies to users that had issues. New Users...disregard this button as you do not need it. Also this new button will only be around for this update. As soon as we release our next update this button will be removed as it will no longer be needed.

2. After update, recorded data not being saved: We fixed this issue as well. You can now save your data without fear of data loss the next day after entering that data.

3. Cloud syncing inconsistency: We fixed this issue allowing fast syncing for all iOS versions. Syncing across multiple devices has never been better.

4. Slow start up times: This issue has two parts..
- Slow because of iOS 6 update and iCloud. We optimized this to speed that up and will continue to address this for faster speed.
- Slow loading because of data capture with update. We have worked on this as well. You will experience a slower start up time the very first time after the update due to the capture of all your data to the cloud. We will also continue to speed this up as much as possible in future updates.

5. Added push notifications to better communicate with you about resolving issues and or fixes for the app.

Suggested update procedure:

Existing Users without previous update problems: Export your data via the export tool and then update your app normally. Login to the app with your existing Fitter+ account credentials and start using the app as you always have. Don't worry about the "Get iCloud" button unless your iCloud data is missing.

Existing Users with previous update problems: Export your data via the export tool and then update the app normally. Sign in to the app with your Fitter+ account credentials. Once inside of the app go to the settings screen and push the button called "Get iCloud". We will capture all of your iCloud data. This can take some depends how much data is in iCloud. After you capture the data you can now start using the app normally.

New Users...create your Fitter+ account and enjoy your new app!

1. Please make sure that you do not delete your iCloud data for Fitter+. If that is gone we cannot retrieve it for you.
2. If after the update you still experience problems please contact us at

Thanks again for the support!!

Happy Holidays,
The MigoApps Team
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