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Get directions to anywhere you want to go before you depart with Get Directions. It’s highly practical app that uses Google Maps’ “Get Directions” feature to help users instantly find directions to any destination they want to go to.

Since the app gathers all its information via screenshots and Google Maps’ own step-by-step way point lists routes will never prove incomprehensible or inaccurate.

Users simply find out where they want to go, pick and choose the contacts they want to share their directions with if they choose, and get going! Users’ created routes can even be enabled with visual gestures such as touch and drag for ease of use as well, and multiple destinations can be input at once!

Get Directions allows users to send out their retrieved route information via not only email, but via Dropbox too.

With a focus on ease of use, the app’s user interface is extremely simple and structured in a step-by-step fashion to help map sharers get their directions, find and collect their wanted contacts, and send out their maps without any undue hassle.

Get Direction guarantees that you’ll always know how to get where you want to go before you ever depart, and ensures that everyone you choose to share directions with does also. Do it for yourself, because there’s nothing worse than realizing you’re lost half way into a trip.

Get Directions and make you and everyone you want to meet up with knows where you’re going ahead of time today!

App Features:

Support for Google Places
Available Routes Histories with both online and offline access
Power to save route histories locally
Share and save routes via e-mail and Dropbox integration
“Tap & Drag” point system to make creating routes hassle-free

What's New:

Smoother operation
Integration of user-feedback improvements
Ability to add up to 8 destination points
Minor bugs fixed

Get Directions is developed by Intersog LLC.

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