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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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★★Watch LIVE animal cameras from all zoos around the worlds, there is a lot animals more than Penguin, Lions, Polar bear, Giraffe, 30 animal cameras here! Come on, get one and find out what's the other animal cameras? ★★

Kids Zoo is designed by pediatrician, kindergarden teachers and the parents. It aims for teaching young children to know animals, to love animals, to learn the name and sounds of different kinds of animals. It adopts newest audio, video and network technology to explore the best educational opportunity for your children.

Kids Zoo not only provides the high quality animal pictures and sounds for your kids, like most of the other great App in AppStore, but also provides native American teacher's pronunciation for each animal's name and 30 high quality Live animal cameras which located in the different Zoo and National Park all around the world.

Now you can watch the lovely Penguin, Dolphin and Polar Bear in San Diego's Sea
World any time with your kids; you can also get to know the inhabitants of Giraffe,
Tiger and Leopard in UK's Zoo; if you want to show your kids the SPA of the Snow Monkey in Japan, Just tap the Kids Zoo, you will get there! Kids Zoo can also bring
you to South Africa to explore the mystery of the Zebra and other wild animals.

★★★★★ Main Features ★★★★★
■ 30 high-quality animal cameras from Zoo all around the world.

■ 130+ high-quality photos and nearly 100 sounds for 45 animals.

■ Native English Teacher's pronunciation for each name of the animals.

■ Farm animal, Wild Animal, Birds and Water Animals are all collected.

■ Landscape view/Portrait View is supported.

■ Email recommendation is supported.

Kids Zoo is not only a great teaching tool, but also a bridge to build connection between you and your kids. I deeply believed you will love Kids Zoo and enjoy it. Thanks for your support.

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★☆★Reviews from Customers★☆★

Great for kids! - My son loves this app very much. He is 3 years old and he like watching the animal cameras to see the animal's inhabitants and won't put my iphone down. :-)It is really a great app for entertaining and educating your kids
Please take a moment to post a kind Star Rating or Written Review! These steps really help us provide Great Apps to you. Nice and honest review will help you get a better updates in the future! --SongHD1688

Great App! - This is one of those apps that you should keep permanently on you're smart phone. A must have for you're kids. My daughter loves it. Well worth the price. --Tinkerfeet12

1. Newly added animal webcams list:
※ Manatee and Turtle, Dallas Aquarium
※ Killer whale, Sea World USA
※ Polar Bear and Tiger, Zoo Sauvage Canada
※ Shark, Universeum
※ Hippopotamous, Toled Zoo, USA
※ Horse and Pigs, Farm,UK

2. Improve the real-time streaming refresh frequency.
3. Mini Bug fix.
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