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開発者Leland Roys
リリース日2011-06-07 08:07:51
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互換性iOS 6.2以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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New! By popular demand. Now with full GPS tracking with both driving and walking modes. The app will still run in the "cell tower tracking" mode by default - which uses almost zero battery power. For those who need extreme detail in their tracking with no missing spots, you can now choose the GPS ON - and Driving or Walking modes (more pins per distance in walking mode - for the slower pace). GPS mode is very accurate (enough to see which side of the road you are driving on) - However, with GPS, remember that the battery is used more heavily, plugging into a car charger is a good idea if using this while driving in GPS mode.


You are probably curious like everyone else, "I want to see where I have been for the last week?, the last month!".

Now you can see where you have been, on a color map, in a safe, private way, on your device. It will amaze you, after a couple of weeks as you watch more and more pins added to the map.

Now you can privately see where you have travelled, and the best part! Almost zero battery use! This app uses the talked about new feature of "Cell Tower Triangulation", it does not use your GPS in background mode, and thus runs out of sight, and uses almost no additional battery power.

You can see in the screenshots for this app examples of 2 weeks of data, you can see how well the app shows your general routes of travel over time.

Important information:

This app uses cell tower changes to determine location (that is why zero battery use). This means it will only work well on a iPhone. You will not get good results with an iPod Touch or iPad because they are not using cell towers.

The location data is only stored on your device so it can be shown on a map, this app has no ability to transmit this data outside of your device (We cannot see this information, and never send any information from this app to anyone).

The data is not encrypted while on your device, so be sure to password protect your device if you are concerned about this.

You can choose to encrypt the offline data when backing up to iTunes if you wish for added security (This is an iTunes feature).

If you ever wish to remove all data from this app, deleting the app will remove the app and all associated tracking data.

The location data takes time to show a "general" area of travel, it is not precise like a GPS. For example, in the first day, it may show you 1 mile from where you really are (cell tower triangulation is not super accurate), however, over weeks of time, you will see the map shows a better and clearer view of where you/your device has been.


Runs in the background.
Uses almost zero battery power.
Keeps up to 1000 location map pins.

FAQ: I see the location services arrow icon on my device screen when this app is in the background, does this mean my GPS in always on?

Answer: No, this app does not use the GPS unless you are on the Map view. The GPS is never on when in background mode, the device "wakes up" when a significant location change occurs, usually when switching cell towers. Almost no battery power is used.

Q: Using my iPod Touch I only see 1 red pin where my house is.

Answer: This app is meant for the iPhone and cell tower connections. The iPod Touch only uses WiFi and thus the one red pin is your home WiFi connection.

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

New GPS tracking modes - including driving and walking activities
New improved UI
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更新日時:2021年6月20日 06時38分




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