Black Powder

価格 120円
開発者Aptual Ltd.
リリース日2011-06-18 01:54:08
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互換性iOS 4.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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A huge thanks to all Powder Pete fans out there for your fantastic suggestions for new features, improvements and also the criticism. The result is now here: a massive update to the most ★powderful★ action game ever!

☆ The Survival game mode from the original Black Powder Game is now accompanied with three new modes:
- Arcade: Defeat the enemy to complete missions and unlock new maps to play with!
- Turkey Shoot: A time limited rapid-fire frenzy against a never-ending flock of super-fast ships!
- Tutorial: The ducks are back! Learn the basics of aiming and firing.

☆ The original map is now part of the Battle at Hamina Map Pack, which expands the battlefield to a total of five varied levels. Stay tuned for more map packs in future updates!

☆ The day and night lighting conditions are now accompanied by atmospheric and colourful dusk and dawn.

Also included in this release are Game Center support with Achievements, illustrated "How to play?", intuitive menu system with swipes, enhanced graphics... and countless other improvements and bug fixes!

Get ready to sink some Englishmen! It's the year 1855 and the red-white flag is working its way across the Gulf of Finland. The last hope of the Finns lies in Powder Pete, the grittiest cannon maker around the entire Gulf.

And Pete sure knows his cannons: his fierce mustache starts to shiver out of rage as he bolts to load the cannons for action. Gather up your guts ñ there will be no mercy when the legendary mustache is on the move!

Black Powder combines fast action based gaming with a simple and addictively intuitive control system. Tactics, stamina and timing are everything when it comes to sinking as many ships as possible!

Featured with ★powderful★ action:

★ Four game modes
After getting to know the ropes in Tutorial mode you can defeat the enemy and complete levels in Arcade mode, test your endurance in Survivor or prove your marksmanship in Turkey Shoot.

★ Multiple maps
The Battle at Hamina has five varied maps to play with in all game modes. Stay tuned for more map packs in the future!

★ Game Center support
Unlock achievements and compare scores with your friends.

★ Fear of the dark
Be prepared for changes in the day cycle: the enemies will be more difficult to hit at night.

★ Dangers ahead
Not all ships go down as easily. When the game proceeds, the ships will get bigger, faster and more dangerous. Look for exploding powder barrels for extra splash damage.

★ Fight longer, get stronger
By scoring well you can upgrade power, velocity and health to stay in the fight as long as possible. Upgrading power causes more damage to the ships, velocity increases the speed of your cannon balls and health allows your cannons to withstand more damage before getting completely destroyed.

★ Timing is everything
Tap and go! Firing a cannon is as simple as tapping the cannon and dragging your finger to the opposite direction to aim. Wait for the right moment; you're going to need it to make the enemies swim!

★ Versatile scores and addictive snacks
See how many times Pete has travelled around the world while reloading his cannons and learn more interesting trivia about your gameplay.

Black Powder is the official game of the 14th MLAIC European Championship Tournament -

- Four different game modes
- Battle at Hamina Map Pack: five maps for all game modes
- Dusk and dawn added to day cycle
- New, intuitive menu system
- Improved tutorials
- Enhanced graphics
- Other bug and performance fixes
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更新日時:2021年6月19日 19時31分




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