Pre-K Letters and Numbers

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* "..I was impressed by this app.." The #1 iPhone blog 
* "..create individual users and monitor their progress through reports.. useful for classroom environments or for parents who have more than one child"
* Genevieve Lucaccini "..Using it daily with children with autism. Thank you for giving us another way to reach them, and yet provide the data that districts and IEP teams require"
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@CoolMomTech "..get kids on the right track for years ahead of learning adventures"
@TheiPhoneMom "..The app has a simple, clean design and the user interface is easy to follow"
@TechInSpecialEd " is like strict school teacher and enforces the writing rules more than any other app we have seen"
@iKidApps "..helps tots associated letters and sounds with words"
@AppsHomeSchool "..4/5 stars.. App to watch!"
@iViewApps" for this app is great, its very soothing and playful which is good for children trying to learn something"
@agardner73 " could guide the teacher as he/she builds future lessons"
@iPadAppsReviews "..4.5/5 stars.. a wonderful and effective learning material for kids"
@AhgooReview "..They will have so much fun with it they won’t even know they are learning"

BrightStartApps is an interactive learning system that teaches children Letters, Words, Numbers and Phonics in a fun and engaging way following government curriculum's adopted in UK, US and Canada from pre-K to grade 5. The application brings together experiences in the classroom to your children's hands with the bonus of allowing parents and teachers to monitor their performance.

Pre-K Letters and Numbers With Real Time Performance Reporting is the first of a series of tracing applications aimed at kindergarten kids who are just setting out to build a foundation of language and numeracy, develop fine motor skills, understand phonics and build their vocabulary with the bonus of blending common letters and counting. Our unique characters, music, sounds and over 75 fruit, vegetable, animal and items around the house illustrations help with the learning experience. Elel, Momo, Lili and friends guide the child through the letters, numbers and phonics experience with clear instructions, applause for success and "Oops" for mistakes. 

Key app features include:
*Individual user setup (optional)
*Online child performance Report Card (optional)
*Simple and easy to use design
*Memorable characters, pictures, shapes and sounds
*Positive learning experiences
*Numbers, words and phonics include a full word set of animals, fruits, vegetables and items around the house

Your child will learn the following:
*Early foundations of language and numeracy
*How to recognize, read, write and pronounce upper and lower case letters
*Consonants and vowels
*Phonograms and early blending
*Early stage numbers and counting

Parents and teachers can review children's performance through their iPhone, iPad or via which shows a Report Card highlighting success rates, bell curve rank and suggested development areas for each user.

Twitter: @brightstartapps
FB: brightstartapps

Pre-K Letters and Numbers is Free for a limited version with $1.99 in-app purchase for the full version inc real-time reports

BrightStart takes children's privacy very seriously. Our apps:
- Do not contain ads
- Do not contain integration with social networks
- Do not include links to other apps
- Do not use analytics / data collection tools
- Do not share any information with 3rd party groups
- Do collect performance information (for registered users only)

For more information, please see our website.

We update our apps as often as possible to make it faster and more reliable. These upgrades include iOS11 compatibility allowing you to enjoy our apps across all devices.
If you are enjoying our apps then please write a review or send us any suggestions you might have!
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