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Professional GPS based TAXIMETER app.

90% of our users confirm that myTaxiControl is the leading taximeter app.
More than 80% of our users are professional taxi drivers.

"I'm a taxi driver and this is as good if not better than any meter I've ever used. Simple to set up and it's full of features."

"I use this app for my car service exclusively. Customers love the transparency (...) Move out of 1950s tech and the mistrust of the taxi fare!"

"This is one of the best innovative taxi meter app (...). I've tested it over and over and I'm impressed with its accuracy and reliability. (...) It is cheaper and more accurate compare to the expensive bulky regular taxi meter."

myTaxiControl is a professional TAXIMETER app, developed and continuously extended in close cooperation with taxi drivers worldwide.

App calculates with maximum possible accuracy, beating the accuracy of built-in devices. No calibration needed anymore!

A global view of all your trips can be viewed online on our website at no additional cost.

Complex tariff structures can be managed without difficulty.

Based on GPS, it updates the fare continuously during the taxi trip, similar to a built-in device. Press "GO!" to start a new trip, and if your current location is supported (or if you have setup your own tariff), taximeter starts to run.

App comes along with tariffs from 180 Cities worldwide . You can setup your own tariffs directly on the device or on our website.

Starting the taximeter can be delayed and it can be switched to Waiting Mode. Interrupting it is also possible. You can cancel a running trip.

Anytime during a running trip, you can set the taximeter to a fixed price.

You can overwrite the final fare at end of trip.

App can generate a detailed and personalized receipt (your company logo, driver's name, ...) as printout, Email, SMS or AirDrop.

It manages extras, tipping and asks for payment method.

The History feature in the app allows viewing and downloading details of previous trips.

Because of its accuracy and the possibility to maintain your own tariffs, myTaxiControl is more than just an alternative to an expensive taximeter device.

...and much more... We recommend reading app's UserGuide (available on to get a full view on the features offered.


Compare the calculated fare to the cab's meter and check if the correct tariff is applied.

Calculate the fare in advance and get an accurate quote for your next trip. Impact of slow traffic (down to 4 ml/h or 6 km/h) can be calculated. The start and end points of your trip can be comfortably searched for with a user-friendly search function. Should there be 'Flat Rates', app will show them. Up to 5 different routes will be displayed on the map – they can be selected individually and the fare will be recalculated. This function can be used for all cities in the database.

The route actually taken by the driver is displayed on the map and can be compared to the calculated route.

You get useful behavior recommendations, like tipping practice or do‘s and don'ts.

In almost all cities, App will tell you where you can complain should there be a problem with your taxi trip.


App knows all tariff details to calculate a cab’s fare with highest accuracy (flagfall with including initial time or distance, price per km/mile and/or time, slow traffic, change of tariff when distance or time is reached, waiting mode, time table, applicable area on map ...). Of course all this data can also be setup by yourself for your own tariffs.

Main screen has different viewing modes.

The initial download includes an unrestricted usage of 1 month. After that, a subscription needs to be purchased.

“Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.”

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