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√ Let me sleep!

Generally the infants who are less than one year old sleeps about eighteen hours in a day.
Because the sleep is essential thing for the development of brain and body growth of them.

However, as they grow up, they become to sleep less and it is even hard for them to sleep for more than seven hours in a day.
Because nowadays it seems natural that they are required to study lately and start work early.

However, is it right way to give up sleeping for studying and working?
For adults, is the sleeping not important anymore because their growth of brain and physicals are already stopped?


Adults are exposed to many physical activities and continuous stress.

Especially, the level of Cortisol, known as the stress hormone, increases as people get older. People of mid fifties secrete the Cortisol at night time twelve times more than those of mid thirties.

‘Sleep’ which is one of the most effective methods to give a rest for exhausted body and mind, is very important.
The sleep is inevitable thing for the cure of adults, as if it is necessary for growth of babies.

*What is Cortisol?
Cortisol is a hormone which is secreted when people gets stress. If the level of Cortisol increases excessively, it restrains function of immunity system and delays the production of protein. It further causes the loss of bones or nerve cells. Consequently, it may induce hypertension or hypoglycemia.

According to the research of Yale University targeted 1709 people. People who slept less than six hours a day were exposed to the immoderate secretion of Cortisol and the double danger of obesity and diabetes caused by the change of insulin and blood glucose at the same time.

√ Let’s sleep peacefully and wake up with a good grace

There are many people who try to want to control the stress by sleeping but they cannot sleep well because of that stress.
It is because of the increasing of Cortisol at night time.

iSonic EasySleep helps to decrease the level of Cortisol and let you have a restful sleep.

“Lower the level of Cortisol by meditation and then go to sleep.”

In order to lower the Cortisol, there are various ways such as physical exercise, correcting of eating habits and meditation.
Before you go to sleep, listen to the ‘beautiful sound’ which iSonic EasySleep provides and be lost in meditation.

Even if a short meditation, it will help you have a better sleep by decreasing Cortisol .

√ Let’s manage our sleeping time!

Professionals recommend that sleeping of minimum 8~9 hours a day is necessary for the physical and mental health. Thus it is required to know how much I sleep and how I manage to sleep.

Every night, try to sleep with the beautiful sound of iSonic

It will automatically check your sleeping time and make a statistical data. You can also share this data through twitter and facebook.

√ Go to bed and wake up peacefully!

Do you still wake up with the help of loud alarm clock?

Try the alarming function of iSonic EasySleep.

It is programmed that the fade-in function of the beautiful sound works before the actual alarming rings. Therefore it will help you to wake up easily

√ The message for me every morning!

iSonic EasySleep has the function which reminds you all the events that you have to remember every morning.
Every morning when you wake up, you can see the displayed message which appears after the alarm, so that you can check them. And you can write the new messages with a simple operation also.

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