Gingham Games

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Come fish me! Then we can help my sister pick apples from the tree!!

I really like to fish. I just pick a lure, and all the silly fish try to bite it. Then I catch them! Maybe if we do it together, we can get all the fishies really quickly.

When I fill my bucket full of fish, I like to go out to the orchard and help my sister pick the apples. We try to work as a team, but she could really use your help catching the apples I toss to her. I’m really good at tossing the apples.

When it’s time for dinner, momma always wants us to make sure the duckies are back on the pond. They all have a special number, and I need to make sure I line them up from 1-10. Can you help with that too?

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See what they're saying about Gingham Games, the 5-star app for your toddler:

“I found the whole package completely appealing and look forward to seeing more Gingham Games in the future.” — The iPhone Mom blog

“Great app that combines and old look with new technology and inserted 3 great games in. Looks great, fun games and easy to navigate for kids without help from parents.” — iPad Apps 4 Kids blog

“I really like the design of the game and the great classic feel of it. I would highly recommend this app.” -- Moms Review 4 You blog

“One look and we fell in love with the retro illustrations, a real treat after viewing so much computer generated art.” -- Teachers with Apps blog

Gingham Games is a collection of three exciting educational games for your preschooler or kindergartener (ages 3 and up). Full of magical, rich graphics, these creative games can help a child learn the alphabet, numbers, and shapes, all while helping develop their hand-eye coordination and memory skills. Watch your child learn their 123’s with “Ducks in a Row”, practice their ABC’s with “Apple Toss”, and have fun while fishing for shapes in “Shape Catcher”. The games contain fun elements of surprise and reward, making kids giggle with joy.

-3 different games that teach kids about numbers, letters, shapes, and colors
-Beautiful retro illustrations, taking you out to the pond, the orchard, and the local fishing hole
-Slide characters across the screen to catch an apple or bring a duck to a pond
-Voice recordings of other children, guiding your preschooler in their quest for success
-Designed for preschoolers, with simple straightforward navigation. Just put them in front of it and watch them play!

-Number identification
-Hand-eye coordination
-Shape identification
-Color identification

***ABOUT US***
Classic Kid Productions is focused on delivering fun, educational, interactive games to the iPad generation. As parents with two preschool kids, we know firsthand how the iPad can be a key source of learning and entertainment. Our goal is to bring you visually beautiful games that both teach and inspire.

We've added support for the new iPad. Our little duckies look beautiful on the Retina Display!
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