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開発者Sebastien BUET
リリース日2011-06-18 16:00:00
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互換性iOS 4.1以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2021-06-21 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
Capture 100's of frames at an incredible rate of 24 frames per second and always get The great shot and the instant replay of any event.

Featured by Apple as New & Noteworthy in the USA and France.

Analyze a golf swing, a skate or snowboard trick, or any fast event, frame by frame; extract THE great shot, use the captured photos to create sequences, montage photos, forward, backward and slow motion videos or to create custom movies.

With iReplay, you use the captured photos to create:
-instant replay movies, slow motion and custom movies;
-stunning sequences with a selection of photos
-bluffing photos montages with the blender
Share all your photos, movies and creations with your friends by email!

Record up to 24 frames per second and more than 240 frames to capture any event. See the photos in the list and see them one by one with the player; play the captured photos as a movie, forward and backward, by touching the slow motion buttons.
Select some of the photos in the list, and create stunning photos montages. Either blend the photos together using one of the several blending mode offered, or extract a part of the photos to create an astonishing montage.
Create great sequences by using a selection of photos.
Moreover, you can create your own custom movies by selecting photos in the photo list and a transition modes between them.

Share your creativity by email and save it in your photo library.

Special Features:
- Capture frames at a speed up to 24 frames per second; you can choose the speed rate from 1 to 24 frames per second.
- Number of frames: capture up to 240 frames, or define the maximum number of frame to be captured
- Set a timer to delay the capture of the photos; the timer can be set from 1 to 10 seconds
- Full control of the camera for perfect shots; set the focus with one touch, the exposure with a double touch, and control the torch, flash mode, and white balance
- Use the edit mode to either save (multiple) photo(s) in the library, send (multiple) photo(s) by email, or delete (multiple) photo(s)
- Use the blend mode the fusion several photos together, and create great visual effects; multiple blending modes are included, try them all to find the good combination. Extract a part of the photos and create stunning photo montages
- Select multiple photos and create a unique sequence
- Create forward, backward and slow motion movies using all the photos captured
- Create custom movies just by selecting the photos and transition modes between them, with the Movie Maker
- Find all your created movies in the app folder accessible via iTunes and its file sharing feature
- Save your creations and captured photos in the photo library
- Send by email your creations, and captured photos
-Find information and FAQ inside the app

Please don't add your bug reports in your review: send us your bug reports at and we'll be able to help you and fix the app.

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iReplay becomes universal; works now on iPhone and iPad (with Camera)
New blender tools: easier and simpler to use
Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox
Share your custom movies on Facebook and Dropbox
Bugs fixed
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更新日時:2021年6月21日 06時44分




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