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Easiest Call Reminder Ever!

Did you ever forget to call-back someone whom just called you but you could not answer? NO MORE!

With only two steps you can define a new reminder:
1)Choose contact. 2)Choose time and save.
At the right time you will be alerted to call!
With 'Remind Me to Call' you can easily create new alerts, which are being saved in your personal calendar so it will auto sync with outlook.

Main Features:
* Alerts for Calls & Emails.
* Easy and friendly User Interface.
* As many alarms as you may need.
* The app auto colors the urgent cases by date:
RED events for the next 24h.
ORANGE are for the upcoming week.
GREEN are for the next 3 months.

* Recognize 'call' of 'email' events automatically from the calendar (so you can define alert right from the calendar app).
* Automatically delete the alert from the list when complete!
* Friendly sounds and menus.
* Easily change person and jump in a hour.
* Choose non contact person.
* Badage icon - So you could keep track on how many alerts do you have outside of the app.
* Description for everything.

* No internet connection is required.
* Language support.

The reminder can be used in many ways:
1) You are at home and want to make a reminder to call Steve for tomorrow at work. With the app you just define new reminder. When time comes you will get alert to call Steve!

2) You use the old fashion sticky notes: "Call Marshel" , "Call 0475454621". NO MORE! With this app you just define an alert and that's it!

Available Languages:
More languages soon.

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