Image Viewer for iPad

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開発者xu jianwei
リリース日2011-06-23 00:15:07
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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Image Viewer for iPad a good help to take a photo, view images, and share images with you family or friends. With easy-to-use user interface, it very easy to edit images or manage files/folders on iPhone but not you computer.

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PDF Converter is an awesome app for converting PDF to JPEG , PNG , PDF & Zip file.
(Note:Support splitter PDF, extract Image and access encrypted PDF ).

PDF Converter is available on the App Store.
You can easy find it by searching with "PDF Converter" keyword.

- Use Camera to Take Photo or Pick Photo from album
- Very Easy to manage files and folders (Delete/Copy/Paste/Rename , etc)
- Tap to full screen or not
- Double tap to zoom image at actrul size
- Use two finger to zoom in/out image
- Auto-orientation Portrait/Landscape
- Saves images in their full resolution
- Changing Pictures by swipe gesture
- Easy-to-use user interface
- Rotate or Crop images
- Email to your friends or save image into album
- With builded in Web Server(http) , your can upload images to iPhone by web browser on you computer .
- Support upload image Zip file (touch to unzip it after you upload the zip file)

1. Support webdav server.
2. Update image viewer, swap more fast now.
3. Support Image slide shows.
4. Support interface orientation.
5. Support video/audio airplay.
6. Support pass key to lock app.
6. Support save all image into album by on click.

Image Viewer supports massive PDF and TXT files, but it can also handle all of the most popular file types. Have a look for yourself:

• MS Office - .doc, .ppt, .xls and more

• HTML and Safari webarchives

• High resolution images

• It even does audio and video!

With Image Viewer on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can read virtually anything, anywhere. Books, movies, maps, pictures; Image Viewer puts it all in a single app, right in your pocket. From the very first time you use it, Image Viewer is sure to be the most used app you will ever buy.

Stay tuned, because we're always developing something new for Image Viewer.

Any questions, suggestions and problems please let us know.
We will reply ASSP, and continue to update.
(Our domain mail system works now!)

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