Worm Jump HD - Math Adventure: Addition, Subtraction and Shapes

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Jump tirelessly to escape from the angry bird chasing after! Answer all the math problems, use special items and skills to fight back and avoid all the traps on the risky way up!


- Extremely easy game control for kids: TAP
- 2 game modes that teach kids about Addition and Subtraction, and Shapes
- 2 levels of difficulty: Easy and Hard
- 5 lovable animated worm avatars (Iron worm, Shooter worm, Super worm, Ninja worm and Wormie)
- 5 well-designed themes (Brick, Jungle, Purple Totem, Rainbow Country and Cloudy Ladder)
- Lively sound effects and music
- Choose from 10 to 50 for addition and subtraction, 3-5 kinds for shapes
- Game Center Supported Leaderboard
- No In-App Purchase

Worm Jump HD is a math educational app for all ages that's actually FUN to play!

How to Play:

In Worm Jump HD, Math problems are presented on each step. Answers are presented on the right of the game screen. Correct solutions with make the worm jump. Items and gears to fight against the bird will be rewarded to you for continues correct action. However, wrong answers will trigger the obstacles on the way.


The score in Worm Jump HD is determined by the numbers of the correct answers plus penalty for each problem answered incorrectly. New themes and character can be unlocked with both stars you gain and your game records.

Selecting a Mode:

There are two different modes: Addition and Subtraction, and Play with Shapes.
In Addition and Subtraction, you have to calculate the answer for the questions on the steps and tap the correct answer on the right. The difficulty level could be set from 10- 50. In Play with Shapes, you could choose 3 or 5 kinds of shapes to match with the bottoms on the right.


Worm Jump HD displays high scores in the Game Center support Leaderboard.


Each worm avatar has different super power. A player who earns a high score with stars will unlock a new avatar!


The settings menu can be accessed by clicking the information button on the lower right hand side the introduction screen.


If you like the game please rate it 5 stars (★★★★★) in iTunes to keep the updates coming.

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Recommended Ages: 4-7,8-10,11-12,parents
Categories: Games, Math, Counting, Addition,Subtraction,Numbers,Creative Play,Music,Special Needs

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