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Main Brain is a term describing one or more capacities[disambiguation needed] of the mind. In different contexts this can be defined in different ways, including the capacities for abstract thought, understanding, communication, reasoning, learning, planning, emotional intelligence and problem solving.
Intelligence is most widely studied in humans, but has also been observed in animals and plants. Artificial intelligence is the intelligence of machines or the simulation of intelligence in machines.
Numerous definitions of and hypotheses about intelligence have been proposed since before the twentieth century, with no consensus reached by scholars. Within the discipline of psychology, various approaches to human intelligence have been adopted. The psychometric approach is especially familiar to the general public, as well as being the most researched and by far the most widely used in practical settings.
In This version Following are Includes:
• Exercise Plans
• Brain Training Games
• Remove Stress Techniques
• Music Learning Techniques & Tutorials
• Language Learning Methods & Techniques
• Smart Food Plans
• Healthy Drug Suggestions
• Mindset Growth Techniques
• Art Techniques To Enhanced Brain Power
• Social Interaction

and lot more

just what we have, take a quick look:

You might think that some people are just born more brainy than others but actually, there’s a lot we can all do to improve our brainpower and hence our intelligence. While there is a strong genetic component to intelligence, research shows that IQ is more a result of the way your genes interact with your environment. Therefore, intelligence can be nurtured and it doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time with your nose buried in a book, memorising facts, either! There are lots of ways to stimulate your brain and here are some recommendations:

• Watch less TV – despite the promises of the best art house films or the most educational documentaries, watching TV doesn’t use your mental capacity in any useful way or even recharge it. Hours of staring at the monitor simply leave you feeling drained, with sore and tired eyes. So resist the temptation to just vegetate in front of the box – have a conversation with your friends or family instead, if you don’t have the energy to read a book or indulge in a creative activity.

• Read more – although choose your reading material wisely. Naturally, it is important to relax and enjoy your reading time with more popular material such as magazines, comics and commercial fiction but if you really want to stimulate your brain, then make sure that you also spend some time reading challenging literature. Classic novels can change the way you think and help you use more precise, elegant language. They will also help to build up your vocabulary and familiarity with other literary forms, such as allegory and metaphor, which exercise the deeper levels of your mind.

• Get enough sleep – nothing will drain your brain faster than sleep deprivation. Concentration, focus and problem-solving will all suffer if you don’t allow your body enough chance to rest and recuperate. And boring as it may sound, early bedtimes and early rises are the way to go as sleeping late and then sleeping in to compensate simply leave you lethargic, with even more trouble focusing. Short naps during the day can also do wonders for recharging the brain.

Remember, your brain is similar to a muscle – the more your exercise it in the right ways, the more you will increase its ability and potential.

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