SprintTimer - 写真判定

価格 370円
開発者Sten Kaiser
リリース日2011-04-15 13:26:57
星4.5 (48人)
星4.5 (48人)
互換性iOS 11.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2019-12-09 00:00 トップセールス/スポーツランキングで順位が急上昇しました。(156位 -> 100位)
  • 2019-12-05 00:00 トップセールス/スポーツランキングで順位が急上昇しました。(147位 -> 90位)
  • 2019-12-04 00:00 iPadトップセールス/スポーツランキングで順位が急上昇しました。(142位 -> 38位)
The most advanced sports timer in the AppStore!
Featured by Apple in the new TV-ad "Strength".

SprintTimer is a unique sports timer and photo finish app that employs the same techniques as the timing equipment used at the Olympics. Start the timer and point the camera towards the finish line. The app creates an image where you can scroll to get the time for each competitor with a 0.01 s resolution. SprintTimer also includes a motion activated Video Finish for longer races and a Start Sender for wirelessly controlling SprintTimer from another device.

SprintTimer is used all over the world for practice and competition in, for example, track & field, cycling, skiing, speed skating, car racing, rowing, kayaking, horses or greyhound racing.

SprintTimer has several advantages over to a manual stop watch:
- One person can time all participants
- Higher accuracy
- Easier to determine the order
- The image and the results can be saved
- Can operate "hands free" when started
- The timer can be started manually, with a sound or remotely from another device

See the demo video at the support url:

"Without a doubt the best App available on the market for sprinters and coaches who want accurate timing to see their development."


"The app is very professionally set up and you can very easily capture your whole Track event."

"Very useful app for measuring and/or verifying close finishes to track and field or road races."

Satisfied users from all over the world:
- Brilliant.  A fantastic app for use in school athletics lessons
- Amazing. This application is awesome and the results are really accurate.
- What a brilliant app! Our £9k photo finish camera broke down and this app was a real life saver and worth way more than £1.50! Highly recommended.
- This app is wonderful. We use it to time all our meets.
- This is a great app and it is getting better from release to release
- Nice, nice, nice! Using it for our youth track team. Love it! 5 stars!
- Exactly what I needed - Fantastic app
- Thank you so much for developing this amazing app just when we had ran out of options.
- Congratulations on developing a really clever and useful app.
- Love what you did with sprint timer app.

Fixed a bug when recording Photo finish.

New in 14.7
- The Results Manager database has been completely re-written. This will form a base for future enhancements.
- The export settings for the results can now be reached also from the Save dialog.
- An option to exclude competitors without results from the export.
- Pasting a start list has been simplified.
- The connection between base videos and results has been improved.
- Already saved base videos will not be resaved, only updated (if needed).
- An improved naming scheme for base videos.




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