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**Now with improved accuracy**

The new run/walk selector helps better predict calories burned in a given setup.

Ever wanted to know how many calories you're burning on the treadmill?

If you've ever wanted to burn more calories on treadmill workouts, this app will help you plan your workouts to be a little more efficient. Sometimes simply running faster doesn't burn more calories than running slower with a small incline. See for yourself.

Treadmill calorie calculator can provide you with energy burn rates in calories/hr, calories/min, seconds/calorie, and calories per mile with three simple inputs.

The user's weight, speed, and incline are easily manipulated with sliders and can be fine tuned with the plus and minus buttons.

Input ranges for imperial (lbs & mph) include:
weight: 100-300lbs in 1 lb. increments
speed: 1.0-10.0 mph in 0.1 mph increments
incline: 0 - 20% in 0.5% increments

Input ranges for metric (kgs & kph) include:
weight: 45-136 kgs in 0.1 kg increments
speed 1.5-16.0 kph in 0.1 kph increments
incline: 0 - 20% in 0.5% increments

The measurements provided are estimates only. Everyone burns calories at different rates.

Please comment and let me know what additional features you would like added to this app. Thank you.

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