Number Tag

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Super easy and fun way to learn to count!

Children love to learn their numbers as they play an exciting game of tag in this super fun, colorful, and captivating learning environment.

* Fun child's voice.
* 6 classical music masterpieces, specifically produced for small children.
* Guided learning.
* Captivating and effective interaction.
* Bright, fun colors
* Engaging sound effects.
* Multiple games and levels of learning.

Designed by teachers and child development professionals.

Colorful animation, Fun sound effects, classical music specifically re-mixed for children.

Captivating visual and audio feedback And much MORE!

(Also available on iTunes: Alphabet Freeze Tag)


Join the fun with this great new educational game from TinyGrads!

Children all over the world have enjoyed playing tag for centuries. Picking up on this familiar and exciting game, Number Tag is specifically designed to introduce children to numbers (making available both audio and visual cues for each number) and then increasing their number recognition and familiarity with the sequence of numbers as they play.

In the first game of Simple Tag, have fun tagging the big, bright, colorful numbers in order as they run around the screen, five at a time. You can choose to have a helpful puppy, give you a "helping paw" to show you which number comes next. A friendly voice of a child telling you the name of the next number adds to the fun and ease of learning.

When you feel you are ready to advance, you can go on to the next game - Pop-up Tag! Here the numbers are presented out of order, as they rise up and fall down off the screen. Be quick to tag the right number before it’s too late! Children particularly love this level and it gives them a great opportunity to built instant number recognition skills.

Finally, in the last game - Diploma Tag, it's "off to the races" as the numbers run around the screen trying to avoid being tagged! Race against the clock to tag them all as fast as you can. A timer keeps track of how long it took you to tag them all in the correct order. Try to beat your own time, or compare your time with your friends! Best of all, when you show your mastery of the counting by completing this last game, you’ll be awarded a TinyGrads Number Diploma (which you can print out for free at to hang on your wall)!

In addition to the bright colors, fun sound effects, and exciting game action, you can select the background music of some of the world's greatest composers, all re-mixed and presented especially for children.

Also available: Alphabet Freeze Tag!

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