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リリース日2011-03-18 08:25:00
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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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SpeakerNotes is a simple presentation tool that augments the application you currently use to create slides. While leading presentation authoring tools will allow you to display simple slide shows, SpeakerNotes provides many capabilities that you will not find in other tools. Further, Speakers centralizes all of your presentations into a single repository that you can carry with you on your iPad.

SpeakerNotes offers many advanced features:


-Full integration with the DropBox file service, allowing you to easily publish and share your presentations with other users
-Imports standard PDF versions of slides and notes from other tools and operating systems
-Supports slides created by all popular presentation authoring tools including Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple KeyNote, and OpenOffice.
-Simple network support allows anyone with SpeakerNotes to join your presentations and view them on their own iPads.

Presenting Feature

-Easy creation of presentation details including description, date/time and duration.
-Link both slides and presenter notes onto a single screen
-Slide view can be displayed through the iPad’s VGA output to support projectors or monitors
-Count down and count up timers to show presentation time used and remaining
-Time color changes to show when presentation time is winding down
-Simple one-touch recording of presentation audio
-Easy mark-up of slides with drawing tools while you are presenting
-Simple laser pointer visible on VGA or connected iPad users’ displays
-All slide transitions are synchronized to audio recording for correctly sequenced playback later
-Easy publishing of presentation to DropBox for later viewing
-Presenter can send invitations to meeting attendees through e-mail
-Presentation attendees can discover and join your presentation over a wi-fi network at the time of the event

Viewing Features

-Automatic connection to presenter’s slides over the network
-Attendees can view slides under control of the presenter’s iPad
-Allows the user to flip the slide over to write relevant notes on the back
-Simple drawing tool to mark up slides as they are presented
-User can keep a copy of presentation and his notes after the presentation is finished
-Meeting attendees can click SpeakerNotes presentation attachments in e-mail messages to automatically open SpeakerNotes and load the slide deck before the meeting takes place
-Attending people can playback published meetings at a later time with slide transitions synchronized to optional recorded audio.

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