価格 370円
開発者CuVee Software
リリース日2011-03-18 05:39:06
評価 評価が取得できませんでした。
互換性iOS 11.0以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
RPN-45 HD is a complete simulation of the scientific hand-held calculator HP-45 from 1973. Processing times and behavior have been carefully modelled after the original. Switch to the "Super-45" mode and watch the HP-45 do things never seen before.


• Photo-realistic look based on an existing device
• Animated keys with adjustable click sound and visual feedback
• All functions and operations of the HP-45 fully implemented
• Supports "secret" timer. Use it as 12/100-hours timer or even as a chess clock.
• Optional hyperbolic functions
• Simulation of the HP-45's computation times (optional)
• Correct wrong number entries by swiping left across the display
• Cut/copy/paste display value
• "Live" display of stack and all memory registers (in landscape mode)
• Built-in manual
• 30 selectable background images, even add your own
• HP-91-like paper tape printer:
- Supports MAN, ALL, and NORM modes
- Quickly insert arbitrary text
- Delete any line
- Send tape via E-Mail or to any AirPrint-capable printer
- Ribbon color black or blue
- Optionally print negative results in red
- Print stack and registers
• Supports external hardware keyboard

Turn on "Super-45" and enjoy a super-charged HP-45:

• Complex numbers: available for almost all operations and functions
• More memory: twice the number of memory registers.
• "Continuous" stack and memory registers

• Improved functions:
- Raise any number to any power
- Factorial of any number, incl. complex
- Logarithm and square root of negative numbers
- Preset timer with the iPad's real time
- Chess clock mode

• New functions:
- Solve linear equations in two or three unknowns
- Find the roots of quadratic and cubic equations
- Statistics: normal distribution and correlation coefficient of paired variables
- Linear regression, combinations, permutations
- Logarithm to any base, incl. complex
- Integer and fractional parts
- Display rounding
- Random numbers in a given range
- Day of the week for any date between Jan 1, 0001 and Dec 31, 9999
- Easter date for any year between 1583 and 4099
- Support for Julian dates
- Number of days between any two dates
- Last Stack
- Convert display value to hexadecimal
- Percentage of sum
- Register arithmetic includes sum registers and LAST x
- Clear all registers
- Backup registers in a protected area

• Enhanced user interface:
- Visual indicators for prefix keys and angular modes
- Small values switch to scientific notation if required
- Localized decimal point
- Thousand's separator

For more information and sample calculations visit cuveesoft.ch/rpn45/en


"A great simulation of the HP-45. Beautifully made, with a lot of attention to small details."
"This is by far the best RPN calculator available for the iPad!"
"This is one of the most accurate but also nicest looking emulators I have come across for the HP-45, or any vintage HP calculator for that matter."
"This is exactly what I've been searching. My HP 45 packed up some time ago. Thank you so much!"

• iPad mini (2021) compatibility
  • 現在ランキング圏外です。
更新日時:2022年1月17日 18時24分




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