Monkey King Series 1

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Illusrated Journey to the West is a children’s audio book that is specially created for children aged 3-6 and combined with the growth characteristics of children by the authoritative experts in education in the higher education press.

The characters of Illusrated Journey to the West were drawn by many professional artists, with strong traditional Chinese colours rather than artificial Japannese illustrations with big eyes or handsome oval-face boys. Its scenes contain many auspicious clouds, pine trees and other Chinese elements; with rich and clear layers of scream colours, which are conducive to deepen children’s understanding of Chinese culture.

★This book contains Simplifed Chinese and English.
★There are thirty stories in this book,and they are divided into eight series. This is Series 1.


The book combines thirty wonderful stories. The stories were rewritten appropriately by professional literature writers (cherrycherry), and are based on the children’s reading standards and mental characteristics. The authortative article experts also illustrated the stories. Within the pictures we don’t only ensure children’s correct understanding but also stick to the stories’ own styles.
There are thirty stories in this book, and they are divided into eight series. This is Series 1.


Series 1. Inventories (two parts)
Part 1, The Birth of Monkey King
Part 2, Getting Treasures from the Dragon Palace

Functional Charateristics

★English and Chinese dubbings with the option to change languages at any time is the best manner for children to learn English and famous Chinese ancient sayings.
★ There are lively pictures and characteristics on each page. Click the pictures to hear the sounds to increase the children’s reading pleasure.
★The stories are rewritten appropriately by professional literature writers (cherrycherry) to fit the children’s reading standards and mental characteristics.
★The pictures inside the stories are designed by professional artists. Every character is lively and guides the children to a beautiful magical world and arouses their infinite imagination.
★ The online bookshelves help chlidren see the books that are going to be published and which have already been published.It ensures the continuation of reading for children.
★ The recording mode offers parents and children the option to record their own special dubbings to increase the pleasure of reading. Mothers can also record their voices while they are telling stories.With the recording, children can hear the stories told by their mothers when their mothers are not at home.

About Dragon Babies Of Higher Educatin and Deng Ya Civilization

Deng Ya Civilization is a media company that creates, designs, edits and publishes children’s books.
Deng Ya Civilization gathers professional experts in book editing, design and publishing. It uses the most advaced information and technologies in its books. It creates products which are full of culture connotations and lively forms. It spreads excellent cultures and true meanings to children. It also helps propagate scientific knowledge.

The Dragon Babies of Higher Education is the publishing industry platform that is integrated by Deng Ya Civilization and the Higher Education Publishing Company. It combines resources from home and abroad. It creates the media mode with the library websites, databases, cell phones, movies, e-books and so on. It also builds Baby Anime Education, the Digital Kindergarten of Dragon Baby Higher Educaion, the teenager Anime Education, the Dragon Anime of Higher Education, and the Adult Anime Education. It also includes the Series of Spreading Wisdom, Workshop and Public Anime.

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