FLRP HD (Streaming Radio, Playlists, and More)

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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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Turn your iPad into a connected internet audio player! Find out what songs were playing on the radio in your favorite city. View Albums, save Favorites, and watch youtube videos!

***This is the iPad version of our wildly popular app for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Over 100,000 people have downloaded FLRP and we continually get great feedback from our users.

- I'm in the office, at a cafe, and/or at home and want to listen to my favorite radio station or stream.

- I heard the song and now want to see the video!

- I wonder what song is playing on my old college radio station? back home?

- I'm driving and can't hold up a phone next to the speaker to figure out what song is playing...How do I tag it and find out more information about the song and/or the artist?

Gripwire has given FLRP the power to identify and display what song is playing on virtually every radio station that plays music in the United States, without having to physically hold up your phone to recognize the song!

Use the Google mapping feature to pinpoint any location in the United States and click the refresh button in the nav bar to see the nearest radio stations.

View all radio stations by state or city.

See all the albums (scroll left-to-right!) available by your favorite artist and buy them from iTunes!

See videos from YouTube related to the songs.

Tag and save your favorites for easy access later by clicking the yellow hearts. :)

Listen to internet radio, turning your iPad into a mobile audio player! Streams are available from many different countries.

This application is fun, useful, and popular in many different countries!

It only supports stations in the US, but you can search, browse, and find out what people in any US city are listening to, can watch streaming videos, and buy that song via iTunes.

Streams from other countries have been added, too.

Download, buy, and spread the word!

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