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Discover the colours of your personality!
Find out how to face problems and be succesful!

You’ll be amazed by the correctness and usefulness of the answers you’ll get!

Mind Color Test is a personality test based on chromatic stimuli: each colour corresponds to one of your different psychological dimension and to a different attitude. The results you’ll get by taking the Mind Colors Test describe your behaviour and your way of reacting to different situations. That’s why answers will change according to your feelings and to the situations you’re living.

Use Mind Color Test to know your state of mind and the strategies to face problems in the best way!

How’s going to be your day? How should you behave in an important meeting? What should you do to achieve a difficult task?

Mind Color Test underlines the strong as well as the weak points regarding a certain situations, and then gives you a useful information about the strategies and the attitudes to enhance or to change in order to achieve the goals you set.

Eight colours (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown, Purple, Grey, Black) with precise chromatic composition have been chosen: 28 couples have been obtained by mixing them up. You will be shown each couple singularly, according to a definite sequence: pick the colour you like best for each of the 28 couple. You must always pick your choice, since – no matter how slightly – you will always prefer one colour.

Picking a colour is not an “absolute” preference, rather, it is a relative choice between two colours.

When the test is over, a report will be processed according to your answers: you can either save it for further comparison or have it sent via email.

-New algorithm for the "Areas of improvements" and "Strong Points"
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