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The official App of - your source of information for the best travel and independent reviews for great holiday getaways and fun tours.

We hope you enjoy this additional free tool to view our ultimate list of fun things to do in Australasia.

Content is divided into ten major collections including:

ABOUT - Learn quickly and easily the basics of using the application.

ACT - Read about all the fun things to do while visiting the Australian Capital Territory. Ballooning, bus tours and sightseeing tours.

NSW - Fun things to do in New South Wales including aquariums, scenic flights, jet boat rides, surfing lessons, harbour cruises and much more!

NT - Fun things to do while in Northern Territory. Kakadu and Katherine tours are a must read!

QLD - Things to do in Queensland including snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, 4WD tours through national parks and much more.

SA - Adelaide, Kangaroo Island and Barossa Valley are popular destinations in South Australia.

TAS - Popular hotspots for Tasmania include Launceston, Cradle Mountain, Hobart and Port Arthur.

VIC - Must do's in Victoria include Australian Aussie Rules, Great Ocean Road, the ultimate Penguin Eco Tour on Phillip Island and many others.

WA - Who could forget Western Australia, with with Monkey Mia Dolphins being the most popular tour, followed closely by lunch cruises and sightseeing passes of discovery.

BLOG - Travellers can now stay up to date with their favourite Travel Blog as seen on Simply load the iPad app and new posts will download, ready for you to read.

Also Includes:

* Information that is updated in real time. ie This App is not static. Fun Tours will periodically display fresh tours, news and updates for your continued enjoyment.

* Share articles with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and email.

* Multitasking support for compatible iOS4 devices.

We understand that travel, like life, is made up of unique moments that make trips memorable for a lifetime. Our goal is to enable our users to have unforgettable experiences each and every time they travel.

Fun Tours for the iPad!

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