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Create your own NCAA® March Madness® Basketball Championship tournament brackets with updated bracket scoring results on this HD iPad version! Practice creating brackets with last year's teams until the tournament starts. After Selection Sunday, to update your App to the 2013 teams, tap 'Current Bracket' on the Main Screen and then tap the 'Refresh' button within the Current Bracket. To create new 2013 team brackets, tap 'My Brackets' on the Main Screen and then tap 'Add Bracket' on the Brackets screen and proceed to create and save your bracket(s). If you have created practice brackets prior to Selection Sunday, tap the 'Edit' button on the Brackets screen and delete old brackets accordingly.

-Pool Functionality as an In-App purchase; create pools to help you organize your brackets; great for office competitions!!
-Brackets within Pools will indicate bracket scores for easy checking as the tournament progresses!!
-Team Stats for all teams in the tournament as an In-App purchase to help you make an informed decision on picks!!
-Create as many 2012 brackets as you want up until the 2013 bracket is announced on Selection Sunday!
-Share brackets on E-mail, Twitter, Facebook
-'Pick Favorites' option allows faster team picking within each region bracket!!
-Push Notification support

Use the 'Team Stats' option on the Main Screen to get 2013 team statistics after new teams are announced on Selection Sunday.

Use the 'Refresh' button on the Current Bracket or the 'Update' button on the Brackets screen to update the results of your bracket throughout the tournament. Your brackets will be updated with the correct bracket score based on your chosen scoring system. Winning teams will be highlighted in green and losing teams highlighted in red.

After teams are announced on Selection Sunday, there will be two team names indicated for the 4 play-in team slots. The two team pairing will remain indicated this way throughout the tournament.


"Great for b-ball."

"Great app. Can't wait for March madness this year when I can keep track of my bracket with my iPad any time and any place!!"


Choose the ‘My Brackets’ option to create your own brackets. You can give your brackets their own unique names and decide on your own scoring system. After naming your brackets and selecting your scoring system, complete your bracket(s) by tapping on the team names to pick the winners for each game.

For faster team picking you may tap the 'Pick Favorites' button in each region. After tapping 'Pick Favorites' button you may override pick favorites by tapping on specific teams and making your own choices.

After picking all your teams, tap the 'Save' button to save your bracket for the tournament.

On the Brackets Screen tap 'Add Pool' and then tap on any created bracket desired to form Pool(s). Tap 'Done' to save Pool(s). Bracket scores will appear within Pool(s) as the tournament progresses.

Tap the ‘Current Bracket’ to see an updated look at the winning teams throughout the tournament.

Tap the 'Team Stats' option to get team statistics when new teams are announced for the tournament.

NCAA® and March Madness® are separate associations from March Brackets and are registered trademarks. March Brackets is not affiliated with these associations.

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