Scale Variator

価格 600円
開発者Berklee College of Music
リリース日2011-03-11 08:52:17
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互換性iOS 3.1.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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The Scale Variator guitar app from, the online school of Boston's renowned Berklee College of Music, allows you to instantly create, hear, and practice interesting guitar scale patterns that typically take hours to write out by hand. This easy-to-use app cuts out the tedium and lets you concentrate on what matters most: playing!

This is not just a scale dictionary; it is a revolutionary app that will empower you to manipulate your favorite guitar scales and take your soloing lines and guitar neck knowledge to the next level. An essential tool for players of all levels. Practicing guitar has never been this much fun!

Scale variations are the foundation of any method of study to acquire more interesting improvisation ideas. They are the secret weapon, like The Modern Method For Guitar, that Berklee guitarists have been employing in their practice routines for years!

App features include:

- Scales based on time tested, Berklee methodology (both modal and parallel versions for each): Major, Minor, Minor Pentatonic, Japanese Pentatonic, Harmonic Minor, Harmonic Major, Melodic Minor, Whole Tone, Diminished
- Ability to "variate" the scale of your choosing using four variation buttons to create interesting sequences that move up through each position at a chosen scale interval
- Standard notation/TAB
- Transpose to any key
- Swipe/Tap to switch to any scale position/mode
- High fret option that will transpose scale patterns to accommodate different size fretboards (acoustic/electric, 15-24 frets)
- Option to highlight roots (modal or parallel)
- Four choices of octave displacement
- Audio playback with note highlighting
- All variations and scales can be set to ascending or descending
- Metronome with three click sounds, highly variable tempo, and ability to change accent (which also updates the notation bar lines for easier reading)
- Ability to remember the last variation that you have been practicing
- Shake iPhone to reset the scale
- A help tutorial

Take your guitar playing to new heights with Scale Variator!

Updated standard notation engine, scale spellings, and UI elements.
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更新日時:2022年1月19日 01時51分




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