Video Calc III Tutor

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Video Calc III Tutor by Larry Green

With 24 MAJOR CATEGORIES & 87 VIDEO LECTURES totaling over 7 HOURS of lessons, Video Calc III Tutor covers the third part of a four part series in the college calculus curriculum in video, tutorial form.

* These 87 VIDEoS are in the app, not streamed from Internet. You can use this product anywhere.

Video Calc III Tutor lessons include:
Sequences and Series
* Sequences
* Series
* The Integral Test
o Using the Integral Test to Show that a Series Converges
o Using the Integral Test to Show that a Series Diverges
o Using the p-Series Test to Show that a Series Diverges.
* The Comparison Tests
* Alternating Series
* The Ratio and Root Tests
o Using the Ratio Test to Show that a Series Converges
o Using the Ratio Test to Show that a Series Diverges
o Shifting the Index of Summation from n=2 to n=0
o Using the Root Test to Show that a Series Converges
o Using the Root Test to Show that a Series Diverges
* Taylor and Mclaurin Polynomials
* Power Series
* Geometric Power Series
* Taylor and Mclaurin Series
o Use the Definition to Find the Taylor Series of a Function Centered at c = -2
o Use the Binomial Series Formula to Find a Mclaurin Series
o Using the Known Mclaurin Series for cos x to Find the Mclaurin Series for a Related Function
o Finding a Mclaurin Series of a Product by Multiplying Two Mclaurin Series Together
o Use a Mclaurin Series to Find a Limit
o Use a Mclaurin Series to Find an Integral that Represents a Probability (Normal Distribution)

Conics, Parametric Equations, and Polar Equations
* Conics and Calculus
* Parametric Equations
* Parametric Equations and Calculus
* Polar Coordinates
* Area and Arc Length in Polar Coordinates

Functions of Several Variables
* Introduction to Functions of Several Variables
* Limits
* Partial Derivatives
o Finding the First Partial Derivatives of a Function
o Using the Limit Definition to Find a Partial Derivative With Respect to y
o Verifying that a Function is a Solution to a Partial Differential Equation (Laplace's Equation)
* Differentials
o Approximating the Propagated Error
o Using Differentials to Approximate the Percent Change
* The Chain Rule
* Directional Derivatives and the Gradient
* Relative and Absolute Extrema
* Applications of Relative Extrema
o Finding the Dimensions that Maximize the Volume of a Rectangular Building
o Using Least Squares Regression
* Lagrange Multipliers
Each audio & video study guide app has been meticulously created by iPREPpress LLC, a leader in educational iPod, iPhone & mobile device development & distribution.

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