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開発者Schneider Electric SA
リリース日2011-03-10 08:56:08
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互換性iOS 8.4以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Generation 3 of the Clipsal iCat has arrived!

Download the Clipsal iCat Version 3.4.1 now: the electronic version of the Clipsal Trade Product Guide.

The handiest tool in your toolbox just got a lot handier.

What’s New in Version 3.4.1?
o Enhanced job functionality - Change Ranges on the fly!
o Improvement to the ‘CSV’ file when emailing a job
o Schneider Electric Brand products now have enhanced product information.
o Push notifications for important news and product updates
o Introduction of FlexSelect tool link - Distribution Board ordering tool
o Ability to import jobs using CSV files.**
o Improvements to update download process
o Improvements to A-Z index search feature
o Updated News Feed
o General bug fixes and enhancements
o Speed Improvements

**The Clipsal iCat can import CSV files created using the 'Send as CSV' action in the 'My Jobs' section of iCat. This feature allows easy sharing of iCat jobs between your devices.

Existing Clipsal Live/iCat features include:
o GLOBAL search function. Search all products in the catalogue from one simple location.
o A-Z search function. Locate products using this new handy index.
o Email Brochure Feature. Quickly email a link to any brochure directly from the catalogue.
o New simplified look and feel
o My Collections: Create regularly used Product categories for easy access.
o My Jobs: Create jobs on the fly with street address and map to check out later or to email to customers or suppliers.
o Trade News: View the latest news from the Clipsal and Schneider partner business
o Bookmarked products: View your regularly used products simply and easily
o Recently Viewed: Quickly access items recently viewed
o Personalise the order of collections based on what's relevant to you!
o Brochures and Technical information available to download in product screen
o The ability to show or hide pricing – perfect when dealing with customers
o Product Barcode Scanning feature – Instant access to product information
o Add and Manage your own custom RSS feeds
o The NEW ‘Item Details Card’ - Swipe through the upgraded product screens to easily:
o View Product details, including pricing and colour options.
o Download technical documents and brochures.
o Bookmark or add to a Job.
o The inclusion of 2500+ Schneider Electric products

Use the multi-touch screen and advanced scrolling capabilities to browse Clipsal’s extensive categories and subcategories. Locate over 20,000+ Clipsal and Schneider products using these familiar coloured groupings from the Trade Product Guide.

Quoting on a big job? Find the products you need and add them to a Job List. You can now create jobs on the fly for a faster more efficient workflow! Or Bookmark them

The Clipsal iCat is yet another innovative tool that Clipsal by Schneider Electric has developed with the busy tradesman in mind.

Using the Clipsal iCat may count towards monthly data usage and may incur mobile data charges depending on your service plan. Please check with your mobile phone service provider.

Important Notice: The Clipsal iCat contains products manufactured and priced for the Australian market.

•Enhanced job functionality
•Select product from other ranges when adding a product to a job. This is done by selecting the equivalent product at the bottom of the ‘Add to Job’ screen.
•Add/replace product with equivalent product from other ranges to a job. This is done via the ‘Change Product Range’ function.
•Improvement to the ‘CSV’ file when emailing a job
•Schneider Electric Brand products now have enhanced product information. Click the Item Detail card to view more!
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