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Map Genie has shown its supremacy among other related apps, check why Map Genie is the best when it comes to India centric utility and assure you are downloading the best -

India's first advance map search utility enables you to search point of interests from your current location or a custom location of your choice. You can search ATMs, Fast Food joints, Coffee points and Cinemas. Search using proximity to find your nearest PoI and even get route points all in a jiffy. It returns guaranteed results with blink of eye with speedy search.

Useful to resident Indians as well tourists visiting India who wish to find useful utilities especially an ATM or a McDonalds!

Works with all devices and all variants of - iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Feature Lists -
1. Automatically detects current location to initiate search
2. Custom search available for supported cities - Delhi NCR, Pune, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru
3. ATMs listed by all major banks in India
4. Fast Food joints include KFC, Pizzahut & McDonalds
5. Coffee Joints include Barista, Cafe Coffee Day, Costa and Others
6. Cinemas include all major multiplexes and singlexes
7. Find route points between your location and selected point of interest
8. First app with proximity search - find within 5 km, 10km, 15 km or all within a city
9. Pinch & Zoom map to view detailed route to PoI
10. Minimal data usage
11. Faster and effective searches

Lot of updates coming soon.
1. Add support to more cities - Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and many more
2. More utilities for search - sightseeing, hospitals by speciality
3. We are continuously updating our search depth

Want more, have a wish-list, mail us and we will make it for you.

Have fun!

Rave user reviews-

>>Best 2$ spent - ★★★★★

This app has made my traveling so much simpler...was recommended by a friend and is worth every bit....the listings are very accurate and comprehensive....ATMs,coffee shops and the best part is that the listings are usable... -by Clyde sheldon

>>Excellent app.. :) - ★★★★★

Excellent app.. Like the user interface.. Easy to use and quick results.. I can now locate my fav coffee shops anywhere in my city.. Kudos to the developers :) --by Bdorf

>> Excellent app,worth every penny - ★★★★★ --by Captjksp

....And Many More...

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