Ski Atlas for iPad

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開発者Touchwonders B.V.
リリース日2011-03-16 09:02:41
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互換性iOS 4.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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A special version of the SKI ATLAS, a leading winter sports travel catalogue in Europe, is now also available for the iPad. The Ski Atlas for the iPad provides extensive information on more than 400 European ski resorts/areas and is a joint issue published by Spalder Media Group and tablet developer Touchwonders.

This introductory version of the SKI ATLAS for the iPad (25 resorts/areas) is available for free and can be upgraded to the premium version with 264 ski resorts/areas.

The Ski Atlas for the iPad lists over 250 ski resorts and 150 ski areas from the eight most popular winter sports countries in a new app for the iPad. It has everything from a destination finder to up-to-date snow conditions, live webcams, weather forecast, piste maps, HD pictures and more.

Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Norway and Andorra

Special features:
-Over 1000 beautiful pictures of resorts and areas;
-Detailed piste maps per area
-Extensive up to date weather information per resort;
-Local webcams in many resorts;
-Extensive descriptions including resort information;
-Possibility to add a review of every resort;
-Recommended accommodations for every resort.

Unique destination finder:
Find the ski resort that suits you best with the destination finder.
You can filter by:
-Level: beginner, intermediate, expert
-Activity: snowboarding, off-piste, cross-country skiing, hiking etc.
-Themes*: The editors make a special selection of ski resorts which are most suitable for particular features, such as “Glaciers”, “Snowboarding”, “Cross Country Skiing”, etc.

Extensive description:
Weather forecasts, snow conditions, accommodations, reviews and webcams are displayed per resort. Favorite resorts can be shared through Facebook and saved in the app as a favorite. It is possible to share experiences of ski resorts with users by writing reviews.

Every ski area includes high resolution piste maps and integration with Maps. You are able to see the most important features of the ski area at a single glance. A clear overview of relevant information makes it easier to find the ski area that suits you best.

* The complete version of the Ski Atlas for the iPad (over 250 ski resorts and 150 ski areas) is available through ‘in app purchasing’ for just £1.49

2012 edition. New ski villages and areas
iOS 6 ready
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