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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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If you need a secure browser that doesn't leave any trace and keeps your privacy, this Security-Browser App is right what you need.

Did you ever forgot cleaning the history in safari or even just switched off the device and once safari restarts, it shows still the contents of the recently visited websites.

Are you scared to lend your device to somebody since you don't know what traces still remains on your device.


With this App, all this is gone. You can browse the internet ⇒ without leaving a history, cookies, contents in cache or auto completion records ⇐. Just hit the Home button or Lock / Boss key and everything is gone.

Moreover, you can password protect access to this App and even to selected entries of your favorite websites.

Besides the many features to customize this App to your needs, it can store websites for later offline access. In addition it can also just download all media files (Images, Movies and audio files) stored on a web page for later offline browsing.

Everything can easily maintained in a hierarchical folder structure and of course protected with additional passwords if you like.This is an excerpt of the many features of this App:

✔ Require a password on launch and wakeup from sleep.
✔ Simple Lock (or Boss) button to instantly hide the screen and show an unsuspicious image (Start screen of the device for instance).
✔ Timeout to lock the screen automatically in case of inactivity.
✔ Automatic lock and protection if the App is suspended or send to the background.
✔ Guest mode with by entering a different password that shows completely different content. Can be used if someone forces you to enter a password.
✔ Download of full web page for offline reading.
✔ Automatic download of all media files (Pictures, Videos, Songs) for offline viewing / listening using the App.
✔ Organize websites, downloaded offline content and files in folders and individual passwords.
✔ Supports viewing all major photo formats, all iOS-compatible video formats, and most common documents formats like PDF etc.
✔ Complete separate private web browser, no connection with any other program so no traces will be left outside this App and inside, everything is protected.
✔ Disabled iTunes backup to increase privacy and faster sync. Otherwise files can be extracted from backup files.
✔ Runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch! in Portrait and landscape mode for convenient browsing and viewing.
✔ All encryption operations are performed by using standard iPhone libraries to ensure there are no security gaps or backdoors.
✔ Selectable Browser transparency - makes the screen harder readable for you - as well as for others, looking you over your shoulder.
✔ "Delete all" Button to delete all offline content and favorites to reset the App to the status as it was right after the installation.

This App is localized to English and German.

You are missing a feature? Don't hesitate to let me know. I am constantly working on this App so Please send any ideas or suggestions to

Many thanks!

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