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開発者Jean-Paul Lanaux
リリース日2011-02-27 01:31:12
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互換性iOS 12.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
PipingAbacus is the most advanced and powerful mobile app for piping information; it is the modern Pipe Fitter's "Blue Book". It is designed to be used by draftsman, designer, pipefitter (s), engineer, and construction personnel.

Piping Abacus now supports iPhone 5.

Piping Abacus is the modern Pipe Fitter's "Blue Book". Piping Abacus is a powerful piping reference database utility. Piping Abacus is unique; it is the only piping reference resource that incorporates a built in calculator to the reference data. The basic idea is: if you are referring to the data ( datum ), than you probably need to add it or subtract it. But it can also be used just as easily for a reference tool. PipingAbacus now has three interfaces (windows) to access the piping information - Catalog, Chart, and Wheels. It works the way you want it to work. For example, use the catalog if you want very detailed and specific information about a valve or fitting. If you are checking or adding takeouts, then use the easy and fast chart. Like to quickly browse pipe schedules, then use the wheel view. Use the right view to match your task.

Accurate - All data was carefully entered upon entry. It was re-checked after the program was written. The program has been regularly used for over two years in the field by piping designers and construction personnel ( fitter fabrication ).

Complete - All common Buttweld, SocketWeld, Threaded, welding, and Flanged Fittings and Valve (s) are presented in the "catalog" section of the app ANSI, ASME, etc. The user can easily add o'all lengths, weights, 1/2 OD's etc. Sizes include 1/8" through 60" (DIN and Imperial). Flange ratings 150 through 2500. Schedules: 10 - XXS. The menu system was designed to provide the user with graphical pipe fitting images that are large enough to provide details that are commonly found in manufacturer catalogs. All fitting properties are displayed in a scrolling table below the image with a clear description, value and a add/sub button.

Versatile - Use the catalog section for detailed information. Use the chart or wheels for quick and easy reference. Output and input - imperial metric, fraction, decimals - you decide.

Educational - What is the difference between a gate and a globe? What ASTM or ANSI does a particular fitting conform to? This information is now at your fingertips.

Easy and intuitive - Uses common symbology.

Useful - Other apps or programs simply present partial fitting dimensions to the user. PipingAbacus presents all catalog information. If a computation is required (how common it is to have add multiple fittings together)? The abacus part of the catalog adds fitting dimensions on the fly. But there's more versatility: units include: decimal, inch, ft-in input. You owe it to yourself: check out the you-tube videos through the web site.

Compare our app against others. Their app may be good, but our app is BETTER! Go to our website www.jplanaux.com to learn more or search "PipingAbacus" at you-tube before you buy any other piping info app. PipingAbacus is easier to use, is regularly updated, has tons of information, is more versatile, and loads fast. Piping Abacus is a work in progress, and it keeps getting more xtreme through your comments and email contact. We are the best most advanced and powerful Piping Mobile iPhone App!"

The best piping iPhone app keeps adding more information - for free. Most recent additional information includes: Orifice Flanges, Bolt Torque, Series A and Series B Flanges, wrench sizes for bolting, pipe spacing, malleable iron, and butt-weld valves and a "fitting chart" which includes built in calc buttons. Added tutorial links and email support link.

Not quite sure that this is the right app for you? Visit our web site by clicking on the support link to find out more info about our app.

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