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開発者lb-lab GmbH
リリース日2011-03-13 15:06:39
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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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"The myLove App makes live easier for men and more romantic for women." ??????

Read what our users say:

great idea and very helpful! ??????????????????????????????
by thebrad76
"I´m already collecting as much data as I can (which works perfectly) to be prepared for valentines day! :) Just discovered a nice hidden feature: Add any anniversary and check out exactly how many days and hours ago it took place..."

myLove is keeping me out of trouble :-) ??????????????????????????????
by Phillip Parker
"Finally, an application that keeps me out of trouble with my wife. She now smiles and gives me a big hug when I remember those special anniversaries - especially those rare moments when we were dating. It's those small things that seem to mean the most. But one of the best parts of myLove is simply having an application that reminds me of her sizes, things that she wants as gifts in the future, and the do's and don't. This is one app if you are married or in a serious relationship that every man can appreciate. Thanks for keeping me out of the dog house :-)"

Men are able to listen carefully and remember all the details about their partner. That’s true since the myLove App has become available.

Surprise your partner: You remember the anniversary of your first kiss and take her out to the nice little restaurant she always wanted to dine at. As a matter of course, you order the red wine you had when you first met, and tell the waiter that she can´t stand capers on her pizza. Then you hand her a small package; on the card there is a romantic quote from her favorite writer. Inside, she finds beautiful lingerie from her favorite french designer, which is of course exactly the right size. Provided the battery of your iPhone is fully charged, this could be the beginning of a wonderful evening...

This is how the myLove app makes life (and relationships) easier for you:

❤ Loves and Hates: Remember what your girlfriend loves and what she hates - down to the very last detail.
❤ Quick-Note: Add a new item with the touch of a finger on the fly.
❤ Calendar: Gone are the days of forgetting your anniversary, her birthday or other important dates.
❤ Profile: Collect every important size, like bra size or shoe size, and automatically convert it to different regional size units.
❤ Gifts: Filter the perfect gift out of your data at any time.
❤ PIN-Protection: Activate the PIN-Protection in order to keep the data safe.

Please don´t hesitate to contact us with any comments, wishes or suggestions at!

Have fun and wishing you every success with the myLove App!

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