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開発者dBelement, LLC
リリース日2011-02-24 05:36:49
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互換性iOS 4.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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** Apple New & Noteworthy Entertainment App! **

Your favorite comics are scattered across different websites and are only accessible while you have an internet connection. Web comic lovers rejoice! Soya Comics is an amazing app that allows you to access your favorite comics in one convenient place, even while offline.

Soya Comics is an easy to use RSS reader designed specifically to fetch your favorite comics. The simple interface makes adding your comics a snap. You'll be having a blast browsing your comics without ever worrying about a learning curve.

Soya has all your favorites including XKCD, Dilbert, Cyanide, Calvin & Hobbes. Over 200 active feeds and growing thanks to users and artists. Soya is a community project, the entire library of comics is user and artist submitted and managed!

✓ View daily comics
✓ Add your own RSS feeds
✓ View all user submitted RSS feeds
✓ Share comics with your friends
✓ Easy access to the artists webpage to view older comics
✓ "Alt text" for comics like XKCD

"Soya is very fun and easy to use. I've been loving it!"
Jeremy K. Santa Cruz, CA

"What an amazing comics app. Great work"
Amy R. Portland, OR

** Note from the developer **
Thanks so much for trying Soya!

Many features are coming soon for both users and artists. This is only version 1.0, so please send me your feedback to help improve Soya!

Thank you. You guys rock!

+= Next/Previous buttons in your Favorites section
You can now tap the up/down arrows to quickly fly through your favorite comics!

+= Full screen viewing
Tap the comic image once and both the top bar and bottom tool bar will disappear. (tap again to display them again)

+= Hold down the comic image to Save the image to your photo album or copy the image to the clip board.

+= Sharing on Facebook/Twitter now actually uploads the comic rather than just a link to the comic. So go ahead, share your favorites with your friends!

+= If the Alt text is too long you can now scroll to view more. Tap once to make the tool bar disappear for more space.

From David (the dev):

Thank you so much for all the feedback. I will be adding many new features and improvements to Soya in the coming weeks.

Please take a moment and write a quick review of the app in the App Store. And don't forget to tell you friends and co-workers about Soya!

I'm working on this app on my own, so your help and support is very appreciated.
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