Net Cam 8

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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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New! Net Cam 8 V1.91 for iPad,iPod,iPhone
For Axis, Foscam & Panasonic network/IP cameras.

----------- Features -----------

- Supports stretching video to fill screen on iPad.
- Supports 8 Network cameras & multiview.
- Supports Rotation, Portrait & Landscape.
- Supports activating the first 10 preset positions of the cameras and the home position.
- Supports programming the first 10 preset positions of the cameras.
- Function to allow the configuration of tour preset sequence. Cycle through presets at a user defined dwell time.
- Pan/Tilt & 'Optical Zoom' on supported cameras.
- Keep alive option which lets you adjust your video streaming to best fit your bandwidth, enabling fast switching.
- Capture images to camera roll by clicking camera icon.
- Email function to capture image of video and attach to an email.
- Supports inverted (mounted on the ceiling) cameras.
- Supports mirror image option for Foscam cameras.
- Supports flip image option for Foscam cameras.
- Supports rebooting cameras.
- Supports enabling and disabling motion detection for a single camera and a global option for all cameras.
- Supports turning on or off of IR/LED Illuminators.
- Function to sequence through your choice of presets of each camera.
- Supports native 640x480 camera resolution for full view and 320x240 for multi view on iPad.
- Supports native 320x240 camera resolution on iPhone & iPod.
- Snap a picture which will be stored in the camera roll
- Camera lock function, Used to prevent accidental tapping of buttons.
- Keep Alive function. This option will keep the camera connected when switching to another camera view. This will keep the video active so the video is instant when returning to the view.

----------- OPERATION -----------

For Panasonic and Axis cameras, Precision Pan & Tilt is done by tapping any part of the video. Tapping closer to the center of the image will result in a smaller change in pan/tilt. Tapping further in any direction from the center of the image will result in a greater change in the pan/tilt.
For Foscam cameras, Precision Pan & Tilt is done by pressing and holding any part of the video.
From the multi view screen, tap any camera to switch to full screen view.
For iPhone & iPod, rotating the device to landscape mode will hide the camera control toolbars to allow 320x240 viewing of the image.
Note: The + & - buttons for zoom control only work on Panasonic cameras that support optical zoom.

Programming the sequence "Tour Option": Press and hold the sequence (stopwatch) button for 3 seconds.
Programming the presets: Press and hold any of the preset buttons for 3 seconds then release. You will be prompted to store the current preset.
Note: Programming presets on the camera require you to be logged in to the camera as an administrator.

Click the page control to expose the additional options,

Controlling the Illuminators: Tap the 'light' button to turn on, tap again to turn off.

Motion Detection: Tap the 'person' button to enable or disable motion detection.

Sequence button: tap to enable the sequencing of the first 10 presets of the selected camera. The dwell time can be programmed by pressing and holding the sequence button for 3 seconds then selecting a dwell time. The default dwell time is 10 seconds.

------------- INFO -------------

I will continue to improve these applications and publish free updated versions to the App Store.
I will be adding support for other camera manufacturers.
Please feel free to email me if you have a request for a specific camera support in the application.
I pride myself on customer satisfaction so your feedback is welcome.

If you are happy with the application, Please leave me feedback. The positive feedback inspires me to improve the app!

This application assumes a camera is configured with a username and password and is accessible VIA a standard HTTP:

- Corrected bug with programming presets on iOS 5
- Bug fix for first camera preset configuration screen
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