Toolbox for Musicians Lite

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開発者Data Spire LLC
リリース日2011-03-14 16:00:00
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互換性iOS 3.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Every musician needs a solid understanding of music theory to create. Toolbox for Musicians provides a reference to the tools that all musicians can use to help build that theory. Wether you are just starting your musical journey or have been on the path for awhile, there is something useful for everyone.

The simple and intuitive interface is designed for speed and easy readability. With so many useful tools available, we're sure you'll agree that Toolbox for Musicians will play a vital role in your music creation and development.

Toolbox for Musicians current provides the following:

Chord Utility - Circle Theory and Chord Progression in the palm of your hand! Easily the most important learning nemonic for some of music's most pivotal theory.
Metronome - Easy to use metronome for use between 1 and 225 beats per minute. Flashing counter allows it to be used without distracting others.
Glossary - A large compendium of music terms with an easy to use index feature
Circle of Fifths (Fourths) - As part of the Chord Utility this gives you quick access to important information like key signatures, dominant/subdominant chords, and scales.
Tuner - use the chord tones to tune your instrument

If you don't feel you can rate us with at least four stars, tell us why so we can improve the Toolbox! After all, you've already spent the money, why not give us a chance to ensure it was well spent?

Feedback like "interface could be better." does not help us, please be specific about what isn't working so we can change it.

Upgrades we've already provided:

-Time signatures have been added to the metronome so there is now a second "tick" that indicates the beginning of a measure.

-Chord tone sounds have been trimmed to remove the blank space before the tone sounds. File sizes have also been reduced.

-Chords now 'snap' to the closest chord, not just the one to the right.

-Chord tones can be turned off independently of other interface sound effects.

-Click sounds now only trigger with constant rotation.

-You can now toggle between the classic tick-tock sound on the metronome and the new high hat-snare option.

-Swiping left or right now lets you rotate the wheel without having to use two fingers.

-Play through up to 20 different scales and modes with up to 4 different instruments.

-Now choose between tick-tock sound and high hat-snare on the metronome.

-Choose chord note progression:
You can now select which order to play notes by tapping on the legend in the upper-right corner. Choose full or partial chords to play in order or simultaneously.

Once you are done, just press the play button in the upper-left corner. The note playing will light up on the legend.

Fixed timing issue with wheel rotation
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更新日時:2022年1月27日 20時02分




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