iTouchiLearn Numbers for Preschool Kids Free

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開発者Nistantri Solutions
リリース日2011-02-18 07:09:51
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星4.5 (9人)
互換性iOS 5.1以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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"I think this is a great app. So many preschool number games go from number recognition to addition. There are many skills needed before this is feasible. This app fills in the gaps in a fun and logical way."
"My daughters love it and they actually pay attention, plus as an elementary school teacher for moderate to severely disabled children I use this app daily and my classroom students love it as well!!!"

iTouchiLearn Numbers combines core early learning number skills with interactive fun.

Each iTouchiLearn Numbers activity features:

*Colorful animation, interaction and virtual rewards to motivate and focus attention
*Fun games that teach core curriculum counting skills
*Activities that reinforce number recognition, counting, addition and subtraction
*Audio instructions to enhance learning for toddler, preschool and special needs kids
*Ideal for kindergarten preparation and post kindergarten review
*Bonus animated sing-a-long number song

iTouchiLearn Numbers sequentially builds your child’s understanding of early learning number skills and enables them to apply what they learn to real world situations.

iTouchiLearn Numbers is most effective when you begin by playing with your child and guiding him or her through the activity. As they become more familiar with the structure of the games, children can play alone and build early learning and number competency skills.

Try it for free! If you like it, unlock the full version from within the app. It's that simple:)

Compatible with 3rd Generation iPod touch, iPhone 3GS & 4, iPad 1, iPad 2 & the new iPad 3rd Generation.

TouchiLearn Numbers is brought to you by Staytoooned creators of the the popular iPhone/iPad iTouchiLearn Words for Preschool Kids app featured in iTunes "Apps for Kids".

Please support us by giving us feedback, high ratings and reviews! This encourages us to keep updating iTouchiLearn Numbers with new features so you can reap the benefits!

We are committed to providing you with the best user experience. If you are experiencing any problems or have questions, please contact us directly within the application.

Original Artwork and Animations created by Jake Scarano and Emily Edwards
Vocals by Rachel Roberts


“iTouchiLearn Numbers for Preschool Kids”:

- Does not include any analytics.
- Does not include any ads.
- Does not include social network Integration nor other social features.
- Includes In-App purchases for additional content accessible by parents and caretakers only.
- Includes email Links for feedback and sharing app link with others.
- Includes links to preview additional apps created by Staytoooned.

*Updated Interface
*Improved Performance
*Like us @iTouchiLearnApps on Facebook to stay connected!
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