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開発者TF Editores
リリース日2011-02-12 09:51:28
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Enjoy ARCOmadrid_2011 (from 16th to the 20th of Feb 2011) with the official and free application guide to the celebrated art show that will help you discover all the galleries, artists and art of one of the most important art fairs of the year. Includes the complete list of galleries, artists, other exhibitors and activities taking place during the event, as well as nearly 300 images of the different works of art being shown during the fair.

You will be able to locate all exhibitors in the interactive map included in the application so that you do not miss anything during your visit. Select your favourite galleries and artists in order to plan your visit, and vote for your favourites artists and galleries so as to generate a social ranking of the most ‘liked’ participants at the show. Connect with other visitors via ARCO’s Facebook and Twitter profiles and discover everything there is to know about the event. You will also find all the places in Madrid that you should not miss, where to eat and drink, etc.

Download this application for free and enjoy ARCOmadrid_2011!

This application includes the following functionalities:

• Complete listing of the galleries and artists of ARCOmadrid_2011.
• Search by programme, by type of exhibitor, by artists and by gallery.
• Close to 300 images of different art works being exhibited at the fair.
• Interactive map so that you can locate every exhibitor inside the fair.
• Select your “Favourites” so that you can plan your visit and highlight what interests you most.
• Connect with the Facebook and Twitter profiles of ARCO and stay up to date with what is going on at the event.
• Vote for your favourite galleries and artists and see the galleries and artists receiving the most votes.
• Information about the Expert Forum and Professional Meetings.
• General Information: Access, prices, opening hours, etc.
• Extensive information on what to do and see in Madrid during your visit to the show.

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