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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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*****What is Dermomedia?******

If you are a healthcare profesional or a student and you are looking forward to enhace your dermatology knowledge, Dermomedia is the perfect app for you

It is a extraordinary , interactive and intuitive visual guide that helps on the identification of various dermatological processes and provides information on the symptoms and treatment of each pathology. Using the unique algorithm built into the app, you can narrow the options for identifying a particular skin lesion.

All medical Dermomedia content has been developed and endorsed by the prestigious medical team "Dermatology Group Pedro Jaén" under the coordination of Dr. Sergio Vañó

*****Who is it for?*****

Dermomedia is a mobile application created for those primary care doctors, dermatologists, nurses, med students and people interested on enhacing their dermatology knowledge.

**** Which are it’s features?*****

DermoMedia is divided in four different sections:

- Pathologies: Dermomedia contains an albaphetic list with more than 100 skin pathologies on where you will find the skin condition you are looking for. Furthermore you can access to all the information about the lesion and to the 300 images of different pathologies that Dermomedia has on its data base

- Identify: through a simple interface where you can point out the location of the lesion, symptoms, etc., Dermomedia’s algorithm will guide you in the identification of any skin lesion.

- Compare: You can choose the pictures of the pathologies that you are more interested on and compare them with pictures introduced by you with the came of your phone

- Practice: The apps gives you the possibility to evaluate the medical knowledge acquired with the app by performing different types of tests with images and multiple-choice questions about dermatology.

Do not hesitate about it and start enhancing your dermatology knowledge today with Dermomedia!


This application contains images that may cause distress to sensitive people.

The information on skin conditions offered by this application does NOT represent or substitute a professional medical diagnosis, so under NO circumstances should it be interpreted as such. In NO case could this tool replace the specific expertise of a dermatologist.

- iOS 10 integration.
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