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リリース日2011-02-10 08:16:08
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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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Welcome to MidiPads, the professional and fully configurable drumpad and Midi controller for Network MIDI, virtual MIDI and hardware MIDI interfaces. With Network MIDI, you can take your iPad on stage and trigger your music wirelessly!
Works perfectly in iOS 7 and iOS8!

* Supports CoreMIDI and conects over iPad Camera Adapter and other interfaces like iRig MIDI and Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer II
* Supports network MIDI over WiFi
* Supports virtual MIDI to trigger other iOS MIDI Apps with virtual MIDI support
* All Midi sources/destinations can be disconnected individually
* Presets (interchangable with other users, midipads can be started with them from other apps, e.g. Dropbox)
* All elements customizable (color, label, Midi channel, CC/key, range...)
* Bottom part fully customizable with resizable touch pads, buttons and faders
* 64 drum pads with resizable area and changable pad count per page
* Several modes to influence velocity: Finger velocity, Two-finger-tap, vertical pad position, random velocity, and min and max velocity always definable
* Touch pads and faders support snapping, fading and bouncing
* Use drum pads as tap or toggle buttons, either in key or CC mode
* Drum pads can act as X/Y controller and pad at the same time (trigger your effect and change it with just one finger!)
* Faders can act as VU meter and fader at the same time
* Drum pads can show incoming values (e.g. that a sample is on that pad)
* Send pitch bend or modulation over faders, touch pads or drum pads
* Gravity controller (use iPad's rotation axis as controller)
* Easy Midi learn for each controller, as a learn CC value is sent on CC selection
* Lock mode hides all elements that would hinder your performance
* Supports all 16 midi channels (for each element and its sender separately!)
* Drum pads can blink on incoming midi sync and hence support you with the beat
* Extensive help covering connection, editing the user interface and troubleshooting (tap i-symbol)
* Multiple senders for each axis and knob

* iPad/iPad 2/retina iPad with iOS 4.2+ installed
* A Mac or a PC for Network MIDI -or-
* a virtual MIDI capable App you want to control -or-
* Any MIDI device with MIDI in (in case you use USB)

!! Don't rate it bad before you contacted me! Let me know your problem, I'm sure I can help you! !!

Get more information and usage videos on midipads.com.

Follow Crossfire Designs on Twitter: xfiredesigns

- retina resolution graphics
- Tap velocity like in garage band possible (the harder you press, the louder it gets)
- midipads can be started with mppreset files from other apps
- Midi connection overview lets you disconnect from sources/destinations
- Horizontal faders
- define velocity mode for each single button
- Start MidiPads from other apps with .mppreset files (e.g. Dropbox)
- Improved startup speed, some other general speed improvements
- x/y pad now shows incoming data like the other controllers (as cross hair)
- some bug fixes

Help Midipads to be kept up to date by rating it good if you like it! If you have any ideas, send them!
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更新日時:2022年8月12日 17時56分




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