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リリース日2011-02-04 14:35:17
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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2021-09-26 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
Azimuth is a real time earth simulation that looks stunning on your device.

Explore how the planet looks right now as the sun moves across it’s surface at over 1000 mph!

Zoom out, switch to landscape, and see the whole earth laid out in front of you. If you've ever seen one of those fancy world clock displays they have on the walls of big companies, well this is it, on steroids, and in your hand!

Zoom in and see great detail and awesome visualisations with daily cloud feeds (to zoom level 5), and the highest possible quality of NASA’s Blue and Black Marble satellite images (to zoom level 7).

Switch to Apple maps and zoom in even further, right to street level (typically level 20), and then really see how fast the sun moves! Please note: Apple Maps does not support advanced features such as clouds and some extra overlays.

You have access to instant sunrise and sunset times for anywhere on the planet - no messing, just move the Map around!

All times are localised and Azimuth knows every single geo political and maritime time zone on the planet so it automatically applies GMT offsets and day light saving times as you move around.

Tie it to your GPS location or choose from one of our 40,000 known cities (or even create your own if we've missed it) so you can always get instant times for where you are without having to move the map.

Set any day as the active date to see how the sunrise changes through the years past present and future.

Save dates for future use and quick access.

See your sunrise sunset times plotted onto an interactive chart that is infinitely scrollable to any date. Chart can be double tapped to zoom in and out for more or less detail.

Compare dates on the chart by scrubbing with two fingers, or tap with three to see the target times superimposed on your times (great for comparing different locations over the year).

See more detailed information about the suns position at your location by simply tapping on the detail disclosure on the blue dot on the map. Linked to your internal compass (if available), you can easily see exactly where the sun will be in the sky at any time of the day or day of the year.

Control the night darkness and length of twilight drawn on the map. Plus many other features: switch to all day or all night to explore places on earth without waiting for the sun to do it’s thing!

A whole suite of interactive charts for sunrise sunset times, hours of daylight, and sun elevations throughout the year are available using Shinobi Charts.

Shinobi Charts are right at the cutting edge of available charting technology for iOS devices and feature pinch zooming, touch panning and tap and hold data tooltips to really get you involved.

Social integration tools have been added to Azimuth to help you Tweet (iOS 5.0 or greater), post to your wall, and email your friends with the next sun event and other information.

Fixes for recent app crashes on upgrading for some users plus a bug fix for any user that had problems switching to Apple Maps.
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更新日時:2021年9月26日 04時33分




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