Around You

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開発者Ampere Software Private Limited
リリース日2011-02-09 14:41:25
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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Around You: Find Your Interest Spot Quick!!!

*** AVAILABLE NOW in English, French, Arabic, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish ***

This app allows you to find out information “Around You” on most of the common needs like ATM, Banks, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Fast Food Joints, Clinics, Gas Station, Hotels, Movies, Disco, Pubs, Theater, Hospital, Parking lot, clubs, Gym, sports center, Yoga center, Dental clinic and just anything that is possible on planet earth!!!

App has custom search engine...wherever you are...whatever you have in mind….just key in what you are looking for and all available related “Spots” would be right on your iPhone screen with distance information...ain't it cool!!!

Every spot or listing you find through this app would be displayed over the map and so its complete contact information (as available to that listing). We don’t control the listing; Its user submitted information so we cannot take any responsibility if you encounter with some incomplete information..sorry...Do Crosscheck Again! that's the last thing we can say :)

It's better designed, easy to use, Fabulous iPhone app you would certainly like to have on your iPhone, all the time.

We at Ampere develop this app for every iPhone, iPod Touch user who may need quick access to their interest spots. Please use at your own risk :D >>> Have Fun!!!

Please send your suggestion/comments/critics to

>> Special Thanks To App Users and To Their Feedback >>

>> The Best Buddy of Your iPhone >> Wherever You Are and Wherever You Travel >> Gotta Have This App on Your iPhone >> Visually Appealing >> No Fancy >> No Extra Unwanted Features >> Just To The Point >> Blockbuster App >> DOWNLOAD NOW >>

Request what else you need in this App, feature You'd like to have and We Will Get Back with that update soon. Every Email, Message, Feedback Counts......Advance THANKS to ALL Users.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you happen to have any request on a particular business or personal problem of yours and would like to have a iPhone or iPad App to help you tackle that -- Ease Your Life -- >> Shoot Us an Email with details -- We will Possibly Come Up With a APP to help you DO MORE! Email:

fix minor bugs
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