Battery Plus for iPad

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iPad 対応。
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“Easy and effective battery management for your iPad. “
“The best battery app designed for iPad.”
“Great features! Great fun! And I love it!” – Battery Plus Users

What does Battery Plus do to help you better manage your battery performance and extend its life span?

***Accurate Battery Charge Information***
Based on the technical specs of your iPad and its active network (Edge, 3G, or Wi-Fi), Battery Plus provides the most accurate information on your battery charge, which includes:
•Remaining audio time, video time, and internet/data time
•Current battery capacity
•Charging Status and Charge time left to full capacity
•Your battery’s charging cycle (An accumulated 100% charge is counted as 1 charging cycle), which helps you track your battery’s usage and know when it needs to be replaced.

***Live Battery Capacity/Usage Charting***
An auto-updating live chart allows you to visually monitor your battery capacity. You can adjust its time scale to view your battery level during the day, week, month, or year. Battery Plus records your battery usage data even when it is running in the background.

***Guide-through Battery Full Charge Cycle and Monthly Reminder***
To enhance your battery life, Battery Plus guides you through a complete Full Charge Cycle. It also records your last Full Charge Cycle, and notifies you when a monthly Full Charge Cycle is due.

***HD Battery Skins***
In addition, BatteryPlus offers 20 HD skins for your battery, which makes battery management fun.

Must-knows to extend your battery’s lifespan.
13 useful battery-saving tips that help you save battery when it is most needed. E.g., making an important call, finishing your movie …
Audio notification when battery is under 15%, and when a monthly battery Full Charge Cycle is due.

In one word, you will find Battery Plus your iPad’s best friend

Important Notes:
The times displayed in this app are in the format of hours:minutes. These figures are all calculated according to the technical specifications of your device. Application rounds the battery time to its nearest 5 percent, thus there might be slight discrepancies between actual and our estimates.

Key Features:
•Real-time Battery Capacity Monitor
•Auto-updating Live Chart Demonstrating Your Battery Status
•Adjustable Time Scale of Live Chart for In-depth Demonstration
•Remaining Audio/Video Playback Time Calculation
•Remaining Internet/Data Time Calculation (3G or Wi-FI)
•Charge Time Left to 100% Battery Load
•Charging Cycle Calculation
•Battery Full Charge Cycle guide-through
•Memorizing Last Battery Full Charge Cycle
•Monthly Battery Full Charge Cycle Notification
•Audio alert and reminder
•20 amazing HD battery skins to choose from
•Comprehensive Battery Tips to help you save battery and extend its lifespan

UI improvements
Bug fixes
iPad2 tested
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