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"iPad Version Available!"

-This App Works Best Only with Headphone

This Free VApp contains Peaceful Atlantis Brainwaves -

-Supports Multitasking!
-Listen to this program daily for at least 30 minutes to train your brain to create more Theta activity.

What is BrainWaves?-
Gamma Waves: idea / focus / acuity
•Gamma brain waves cycles at 40+ Hz which is associated with problem solving in both adults and children. Gamma waves are known to aid in learning and mental acuity
•People who experience learning difficulties and lack mental concentration are deficient in Gamma brain-wave activity
•In Gamma waves your brain is awake, alert and is in the most focus state possible
•Gamma activity increases your mood and compassion which works well as method to treat depression
Beta Waves: vitality / concentration /alertness

•Beta waves cycles at 12- 38 Hz which allow you to think logically and critically. People who have high Beta waves increases their IQ and productivity. This cycle allows you to be socially active and can hold interesting conversation with others. You can connect easily and quickly on subjects that require your full attention

Alpha Waves: peacefulness / creation /idea

•Alpha waves cycles at 8- 12 Hz. When you get a chance to meditate or breathe deeply you alpha brainwave activates inside your brain. It enables you to learn, reduce anxiety levels, improves your immune system and help you relax
•It is a satisfying state of consciousness imperative to reduce stress. You are relaxed but alert and your imagination becomes creative

Theta Waves: meditation / introspection / reflection

•Theta waves cycles at 4- 8 Hz. You are in the most drowsiness state. It is a spiritual experience in which you should attempt to explore as your mind wander and you feel as though your body is drifting into sleep. Theta waves will dominate your brain wave activity and you lose tension or concentrate as your mind shifts into a hypnosis stage
•You will experience higher level of mental relaxation. You are in a dreaming state but wide awake. Images will appear in your mind but experience lucid hypnosis

Theta waves for:
•Super learning
•Receiving inner direction and insights
•Self hypnosis
•behavior modification
•Improving memory
•Enhance your overall mental performance
•Increased creativity
•Fresh ideas and inspiration
•Enhanced ability to focus and concentrate
•Greater clarity of thought
•Expanded awareness
•Explore non physical realities
•Discover your multidimensional nature
•overcome fear and gain more control
•Increase health and vitality
•recharge and refresh your brain
•obtain greater clarity and insight
•expand creativity and intuition

Delta Waves:tranquilize / soothe / rejuvenate

•Delta waves cycles at 1- 4 Hz. Delta brain waves become active when your brain is in deeper stages of sleep. In this state you are asleep unaware of your physical being. This state promotes an important process for the brain to heal itself natural well being
•Delta waves releases anti-ageing hormones, heals and repairs muscles. It is the deepest states of relaxation


Use this app while you sleep, read, study, work, or exercise! Doctor's #1 recommendation for mental illness treatment!

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