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互換性iOS 4.3以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Web Presentation allows you and your audience to experience full screen web pages on an external projector or an external VGA monitor using the Apple VGA or AV Adapter(*). All in HD, Retina Display.

Web Presentation is a secure and private browser.
- without the cable adapter, you can privately browse the web on your iPad or iPhone, with the peace of mind that your history will not be stored. As such, your screen cannot be shared.

- with the VGA or AV adapter, only the web content and movies will appear on the big screen, keeping your keyboard and searches hidden from the audience. See note below about the Apple VGA or AV Adapter (**)

Web Presentation enables you to present and share most web pages, including compatible embedded videos, onto an external screen, video projector, monitor, VGA TV or home theater. Featuring just a few and familiar elements, Web Presentation's intuitive interface allows you to efficiently navigate through pages in front of an audience.

Web Presentation relies on the WebKit Framework to display pages content, ensuring unmatched consistency with other iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch web applications. Unlike a web browser, Web Presentation does not maintain a navigation history nor provide multiple pages ; it is a companion to video presentations, slide-shows, conferences, trade-shows and the like. Unlike a web browser, Web Presentation has generic, but limited SSL support (***).

Web Presentation is not a video mirroring software: the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch screen and the external VGA or AV screen are similar but not identical in content. Rather, the device screen focuses on navigation, keyboard entry and layout controls, whereas the external VGA or AV screen will only display the web pages and the videos, providing a full-screen experience. Immerse your audience in the presentation, not the potentially distracting elements of the user interface.

If you already have the Apple VGA or AV Adapter, then Web Presentation is the app you have been waiting for. Inspired and sleek, Web Presentation is easy to use, does not have an endless list of obscure features, and will allow you to focus on your presentation with confidence the very first time you use it.

(*) About the Apple VGA or AV Adapter
To share your screen with Web Presentation, you must use either the Apple VGA Adapter or the Apple Digital AV Adapter.

(**) We make no claim, implicit or explicit, that Web Presentation will improve your browsing experience or even be compatible with any other physical hardware connector but the Apple VGA Adapter or Apple Digital AV Adapter. The only video adapters that are in compliance with Web Presentation are the Apple VGA Adapter and the Apple Digital AV Adapter. AirPlay and other mirroring devices use different channels and do not require the advanced external screen management provided by Web Presentation. As such, while they may work, those devices are not supported by Web Presentation.

(***) While some careful attention has been placed to Secure Socket Layer support (SSL), and Web Presentation will handle numerous Apache based credential protection, not all https nor password protected servers can be accessed with Web Presentation. In some cases, you may want to login first with Settings or Safari to a given network, and then use Web Presentation to browse content made available to you. We are constantly working at improving compatibility.

For questions or concerns, tap the [Send Feedback] button directly from the App, or send us a message at "webpresentation@thegothicparty.com". Your comments matter to us, and we will do our best to help you resolve any issue you may encounter in a timely manner.

• Portrait/Landscape extensions, minor UI changes (suggested by users)

(1) Web Presentation, the safe, intuitive and secure web browser, just got better. You can rotate your device at any time during the presentation, as well as outside of the presentation mode.

This update is recommended for all Web Presentation users, as is will guarantee a better experience.

It is worth noting that most of the enhancements have been suggested by users like you. Thank you for supporting our maintenance effort. Your emails are answered individually, and most end up in new features or bug fixes. Contacting us at webpresentation@thegothicparty.com is the best way to ensure that our products will exceed your expectations.

When satisfied, please write a review!
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