Addiction Help Brainwave for iPad

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Beat Your Addictions With Powerful Help!

Addiction is a very painful process that can disrupt lives and if left unchecked even claim them. You know you need to stop, but it's so difficult to get started. It may feel like your body is out of control, unable to stop craving and giving in, but you can take it back. The mind is in control of everything the body does, and that includes cravings. It's sometimes difficult to find sympathy, even from your own mind.

Several systems are on the market proclaiming success in quitting addiction. All the systems in the world, however, are not going to help you unless your brain gets on board both consciously and subconsciously. You can quit by programming your mind to succeed.

To better understand how our app will help you, we first have to take a look at how addiction works. After engaging in an activity or using a drug over time, the brain actually begins to associate the behavior in the Limbic System with Dopamine production. This Dopamine acts as a "reward" to our bodies, and makes us feel good for engaging in the addictive behavior. As we continue to use this substance, the brain no longer produces as much Dopamine as it normally would, and we get "physically" addicted. We begin to feel a dopamine deficiency when we don't engage in the behavior. This creates a difficult to break cycle that over time is psychologically strenuous to the sufferer.

Before, we had to depend on the brain to understand that it just had to stop wanting to be addicted. We had to reaffirm over and over again as the brain screamed at us, giving us headaches and mood swings, holding our dopamine production hostage. Now we know there's a better way.

**How We Can Help
Our Addiction Help brainwave stimulates the core of your subconscious by altering the frequencies in your mind. Our app will weed out the negative footprint left from your addiction. With a clear consciousness, you will be able to focus on exactly what you really want without being dragged down. Imagine a life without engaging in behaviors you regret. It's as simple as pressing play.

Our Addiction Help brainwave guides the brain into a relaxed state, and then associates the mental reaffirmation to quit with each level of brain wave activity. This ensures that as you go through your day, one thing remains constant: Your Commitment to Quit. This commitment is the most important factor in keeping you in control of your body, the way it was meant to be. Patches, Gums, and addiction programs all have their flaws, and only substitute one form of addiction for another. Several pills are on the market for addiction that fill your body with chemicals. Some have even been shown to be dangerous. Why fill your body with more drugs? And what about addictions that aren't even chemically based? Your brain has the power, and we can help you unlock it. BREAK THE CYCLE TODAY!

The brainwave recording is professionally made and valued at $20.99 on The Unexplainable Store. It's your mind at stake, so assure yourself you are dealing with professionals.

•Professionally built isochronic tones with high sound quality
•Altered state of consciousness helps you beat addictions
•Well-designed and user-friendly interface
•Detailed usage instruction for best user experience
•Repeat time and screen auto-lock settings
•Support background playback on ios 4.0
•Five visualization patterns to choose from
•No extensive practice required
•Feel the effects in minutes

***The application is built in collaboration with The Unexplainable Store, the brainwave specialist.

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