Treble Clef Kids - Rhythm 2, Triplets

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開発者Christian Larsen Music
リリース日2011-01-23 00:46:02
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互換性iOS 4.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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Play the virtual snare drum to over a MILLION different patterns, learning the basics of musical rhythm and musicianship!

"Treble Clef Kids - Rhythm 2" is the second in a series of lessons to teach note values, time signatures, and rhythms. This lesson focuses entirely on TRIPLETS. It is the seventh installment in the Treble Clef Kids music series, having previously taught the piano notes, keys and scales.

This is an essential tutorial for mastering elements of music theory, sight reading and musicianship skills.

"Treble Clef Kids - Rhythm 2", is a fun, interactive and educational way for kids (and adults!) to learn the basics of rhythm by practicing with a virtual snare drum. Many agree that exposure to music correlates to better performance in school and in life. "Treble Clef Kids" is the first step to enriching the lives of students and parents through music. This series was written to fill a perceived need of a simple yet effective music theory application. It is designed for children and adults of any age!

“Treble Clef Kids” is a new method to learn to basic musicianship skills in a logical, guided way, progressively building through the applications. This lesson teaches the student to:

Identify all the note values and rests in an easy to understand way,
Learn the basics of time signatures,
Practice rhythm patterns through three lessons focusing on quarter note, eighth note, and sixteenth note TRIPLETS,
And perform the skills learned throughout the tutorial in over a million 4-bar patterns!

**The exciting tool is the performance mode which generates a new rhythmic pattern to play each time so the student will never get tired of the same beats! It is truly an interactive and always fresh way to improve the sight reading abilities!**

This is a powerful app, free of advertisements, proven in my own home, with days of enjoyment, challenge, and continued learning. 

You and your child can learn to read music, too!

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